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Each Cam mystery holds an exciting new adventure for kids. Scroll through this page to read about Cam's crime fighting cases and the lesson plan themes to which they relate. Then, visit the Monthly Thematic Planning Calendar for suggestions on how to incorporate a new theme into your classroom each month.

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#1 The Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds
Stop, thief! Cam and Eric are sitting in the mall when an alarm goes off. Cam jumps onto a bench to get a better view and sees a man race out of the jewelry store. Cam knows that she has to act fast, especially after the police arrest the wrong person!

Related Themes: Friendship, Five Elements of a Mystery, Bravery

#2 The Mystery of the U.F.O.
When Cam and Eric see strange lights above the trees, they're sure that U.F.O.s have landed. When they investigate, they find out there's more to the alien invasion than meets the eye. Between Eric's camera and Cam's photographic memory, can they prove what they see?

Related Themes: Art

#3 The Mystery of the Dinosaur Bones
Something is wrong at the natural history museum. On a school field trip, Cam discovers that some bones are missing from the skeleton of the Coelophysis dinosaur. How was a thief ever able to get the bones past the museum guards?

Related Themes: History

#4 The Mystery of the Television Dog
Cam and Eric are in line to meet Poochie, the famous TV dog, star of his own show. But while they are waiting for a "pawtograph," Poochie vanishes and is replaced with an imposter! Will Cam catch the dognapper and rescue Poochie?

Related Themes: Animals, Celebrity, Reading

#5 The Mystery of the Gold Coins
When Cam's camera disappears from the science fair, she and Eric decide to go after the thief themselves. Then they discover that valuable gold coins are missing from a coin shop. Cam believes the two crimes are related. Will she be able to catch the thief red-handed?

Related Themes: Science, History

#6 The Mystery of the Babe Ruth Baseball
A baseball autographed by Babe Ruth goes missing at the community hobby show and Cam is sure it's been stolen. The police are not so certain, so it's up to Cam to find the valuable ball—and the thief.

Related Themes: Sports, Heroism

#7 The Mystery of the Circus Clown
Cam's Aunt Molly is always losing things, but when she can't find her wallet at the circus, Cam guesses there's a criminal under the big top. It looks like the clown might be the culprit, but he seems to have disappeared without a trace. Or has he?

Related Themes: Animals, Family

#8 The Mystery of the Monster Movie
Cam and Eric go to the movies on a snowy winter day, only to find that the second reel of the film has been stolen. The theater manager thinks he's caught the thief, but Cam's photographic memory tells her that someone else is to blame. Can she figure out the truth in time to save the show?

Related Themes: Winter, Celebrity

#9 The Mystery of the Carnival Prize
If the dime toss is the hardest game to win at the school carnival, why are so many people walking away with prizes? Leave it to Cam to find out whether the winners have been relying on their good fortune, or on something else...

Related Themes: School, Honesty

#10 The Mystery at the Monkey House
When a few monkeys suddenly go missing from the zoo, Cam knows someone has been monkeying around with their cages. With the help of her amazing memory and best friend Eric, she must find a way to stop the thief before the monkeys are lost forever.

Related Themes: Animals, Friendship

#11 The Mystery of the Stolen Corn Popper
When a customer at Binky's Department Store realizes that his shopping bag—containing a brand-new corn popper—has been stolen, Cam and Eric put their school-supply shopping on hold. Now they're searching for the thief instead!

Related Themes: Family, School

#12 The Mystery of Flight 54
When Cam and Eric meet Aunt Molly at the airport, the last thing they expect to find is a mystery. But a young French girl, who doesn't speak a word of English, has disappeared and it's up to Cam to find her!

Related Themes: Family, Travel

#13 The Mystery at the Haunted House
A fun day at the amusement park turns into a mystery when Cam's Aunt Katie realizes that her wallet has been stolen inside the Haunted House. The Haunted House is full of scary sounds and plastic skeletons, but is something—or someone—far more frightening inside?

Related Themes: Family, Halloween

#14 The Chocolate Fudge Mystery
Cam and Eric never expected to find a mystery while selling candy door-to-door for their school fundraiser. But then Cam notices a full trash can outside of a house that is supposed to be deserted and she suspects that there is someone hiding inside. She doesn't know who, but she's going to find out!

Related Themes: Reading, Writing

#15 The Triceratops Pops Mystery
Cam can't wait to buy the latest album by the Triceratops Pops, her favorite group. But when she and Eric get to the store, all the T-Pops CDs are gone. Did they sell that fast, or were they stolen? It's up to Cam to solve this off-key mystery!

Related Themes: Music

#16 The Ghostly Mystery
Cam, Eric, and Aunt Molly are waiting to buy tickets to see their favorite rock band when a person dressed as a ghost starts scaring people. At first it seems funny, but then the ghost scares an old man, and he falls to the ground. Then the woman in the ticket booth is robbed. Is there a connection?

Related Themes: Halloween, Music

#17 The Scary Snake Mystery
On an eventful day in the big city, first a snake is let loose on the library steps, and then Mrs. Jansen's bag is stolen. Could the two events be related? It will take Cam's photographic memory to find out and catch the crafty criminal!

Related Themes: Animals, Summer, Journalism/Media

#18 The Catnapping Mystery
While visiting her Aunt Molly at a hotel, Cam stumbles on another mystery. One of the guests at the hotel is missing her luggage and her beloved cat, Little Tiger. She gave Little Tiger to a bellhop to take to her room, but the cat never arrived and the bellhop is missing! Can Cam find the catnapped kitty?

Related Themes: Animals, Family, Geography

#19 The Barking Treasure Mystery
When Cam and Eric are on a boat ride around the city, they discover a passenger's poodle is missing. Little Treasure, the pooch, was also wearing a bigger treasure—a bejeweled collar. Click! along with Cam as she solves this mystery.

Related Themes: Animals, Friendship, History

#20 The Birthday Mystery
When Cam surprises her parents with a joint fortieth birthday party, the last thing on her mind is a mystery. But when Granny and Gramps call from the airport to say they've been robbed, Cam knows what she has to do. The grandparent-robbing thief doesn't stand a chance against Cam Jansen and her incredible photographic memory!

Related Themes: Family, Celebrations

#21 The School Play Mystery
Eric is starring as Honest Abe Lincoln in the school play, but when all the money raised from ticket sales disappears, it seems that there is someone DIShonest lurking around. Can Cam find the missing money before the culprit makes a getaway?

Related Themes: Celebrations, Heroism, Politics, Theater

#22 The First Day of School Mystery
It's the first day of fifth grade, and Cam and Eric can't wait to meet their new teacher. But the day has only begun when two policeman come into their classroom and arrest Ms. Benson! Surely, there must be some kind of mistake. Cam is on the case!

Related Themes: School

#23 The Tennis Trophy Mystery
Cam and Eric's gym teacher has just had his office walls painted. But Cam notices that the color of his walls isn't the only difference—his prized tennis trophy has disappeared! Who would have taken it? And how did they get it out of the locked glass case?

Related Themes: School, Sports

#24 The Snowy Day Mystery
It's a very snowy day outside and Cam and Eric are running late to computer lab. When they finally arrive, they realize that three computers are missing! There are only two clues: footprints in the snow outside and a locked window. This mystery seems impossible to solve, until Cam gets on the job.

Related Themes: School, Five Elements of a Mystery, Winter

#25 The Valentine Baby Mystery
It's Valentine's Day and Cam is at school when she learns her mother is about to give birth to her new sibling. Cam and Eric rush to the hospital, only to find that something valuable has gone missing from the waiting room. Will Cam solve the mystery before her Valentine sibling is born?

Related Themes: Family, Celebrations, Valentine's Day

#26 The Secret Service Mystery
It is a big day at Cam's school. The governor, who is running for president, is visiting for the dedication of the new library. There are police officers, Secret Service agents, photographers, and news reporters there to hear the governor speak when...Bang! A loud sound like a gunshot startles everyone. Was it really a gun, or a noisy cover for a crime? Help Cam—and the Secret Service—figure out what really happened.

Related Themes: Bravery, Heroism, Politics, Journalism/Media

#27 The Mystery Writer Mystery
Cam and her friends are excited for the famous mystery writer, Jim E. Winter, to visit their school book fair. When Danny's parents discover their car is missing, Jim E. Winter thinks he can solve the mystery. But will Cam and her sleuthing photographic memory solve it first?

Related Themes: Celebrity, Reading, Writing

#28 The Green School Mystery
Cam Jansen's school is going green. For each can or bottle Cam and her classmates bring in to be recycled, the school earns a nickel. But when all the nickels go missing, everyone suspects they were stolen. Can Cam click! this case closed?

Related Themes: School, Science, Environment

SUPER SPECIAL The Summer Camp Mysteries
Cam is having a very busy summer at Camp Eagle Lake. It's a summer filled with swimming, sports, canoeing, arts and crafts, and making new friends. But mysteries seem to follow Cam everywhere, and this book has THREE exciting camp capers for her to solve.

Related Themes: Friendship, Sports, Summer

SUPER SPECIAL The Sports Day Mysteries

It's Sports and Good Nutrition Day for the fifth grade at Cam's school. Cam and her friends are going to the park to run races, play sports, and have a picnic lunch. But then the local bakery is robbed, the soccer ball goes missing mid-game, and all the baseball gloves are stolen. Can Cam solve all THREE sporty mysteries—and still be a good teammate?

Related Themes: Sports, Summer

#29 The Basketball Mystery

The beloved coach of the high school basketball team in Cam's town is retiring, and he gets a special basketball as a gift, signed by his former players and even the governor. But after the game, the ball disappears. It is up to Cam and Eric to save the day for the disappointed team and fans!

Related Themes: Sports, Celebrations

#30 The Wedding Cake Mystery

Cam and her friends are performing in a talent show at the senior center. Everyone enjoys memory tricks, jokes, juggling, and especially, treats from Ken's Bake Shop. But in the middle of the show, a wedding cake from Ken's truck goes missing, just hours before the wedding. Was the cake stolen? Cam must use her amazing memory to solve her sweetest mystery yet!

Related Themes: Friendship, Talents


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