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Stuff for Teachers

We're proud to provide everything you need to call your Super Sleuth Squad to action!

A Note to Teachers from Author David A. Adler
Hear what Cam's creator—a teacher himself—has to say about the series.

The Five Essential Elements of a Mystery
Read all about mysteries under our "Mystery" section or print out this sheet to distribute to your class.

Using the Five Essential Elements in Reading and Writing
Incorporate this sheet into writing lessons. Then, encourage students to brainstorm stories of their own using the elements and special writing advice from David A. Adler.

Discussion Questions
A great set of questions to use as an introduction to the Young Cam Jansen and Cam Jansen series. Be sure to check our Monthly Thematic Planning Calendar for subject- and book-specific questions and activities!

Classroom Activities
These fun games and thought-provoking activities allow students to experiment with their own sleuthing abilities. Be sure to check our Monthly Thematic Planning Calendar pages for subject and book-specific questions and activities!

Mystery Vocabulary & Secret Code Activity
Study up on these crime-solving words. You'll need the lingo down to crack the secret code activity that follows!

Practicing Critical Reading Skills
It'll be a race to see who solves the mystery first after students learn to practice critical thinking skills while reading! This sheet is a helpful guide to teaching students to put their thinking caps on. The included Venn Diagram can be used to track comparisons and contrasts of just about anything!

Demonstrating Critical Reading Skills
Now that you've discussed how to be a critical reader with your class, ask students to demonstrate what they've learned. This outline to making predictions will keep students thinking intuitively about details as they read their favorite Young Cam and Cam titles.

Stuff to Share with your Kids

Cam Jansen Super Sleuth Squad Official Membership Certificate
Every sleuth needs one to display proudly!

Cam Jansen Reading Log
Photocopy the Reading Log so students can track their progress and thoughts as they read. Students will love the sense of accomplishment they'll get from seeing the total number of pages they can read in a month or school year!

Cam Jansen Reading Log Bookmark
Head to your local office supply store for 8 x 11" cardstock quality or other heavy paper. Then, photocopy this valuable tool onto the paper you bought to give students a sturdy way to mark their pages while reading.

Cam Jansen Photographic Memory Game
CLICK! Test your own memory skills with this easy-to-reproduce matching game!

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