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Cam has been a beloved mystery maven since 1980, solving crimes with the help of her best friend, Eric Shelton, and her amazing photographic memory in more than 30 cases to date! The Cam Jansen books are not only exciting mystery stories, but transitional readers, meant to help students move between easy-to-read picture and chapter books and some of the more difficult middle-grade novels.

With cases ranging from stolen baseballs to missing pooches, there is sure to be something for every sleuth you know! Browse Books for a title listing, complete with suggested related themes that make it easy to incorporate the titles into your classroom discussions, or download the checklist and check off each title as you read them one by one with students.

Take a moment to meet author David A. Adler, whose experiences as a teacher himself have prompted him to create these—and other—easy reader series. His relatable approach to the writing process will inspire students to brainstorm their own suspenseful tales!

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Enter the marvelous world of mysteries in the All About Mysteries section. Here you'll find the all the necessary elements to teach students how to recognize, analyze, and create masterful mysteries of their own.

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