George Brown, Class Clown by Lisa Krulik

One magical burp and trouble's in the air!

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Ever since George can remember, hes been the new kid in school. Georges dad is in the army, so his family has done a lot of moving around. Up until now it seemed like everywhere George went, he wound up being the class clown. In fact, at most of the schools hes gone to, George wound up spending almost as much time in the principals office as he did in his classroom.

But now that George is at Edith B. Sugarman Elementary School, hes determined to do things differently. Hes turning over a new leaf. No more pranks. No more class clown. Hes going to be the new and improved George Brown. (Unless of course the Super Burp ping pongs and bing bongs its way out of him. Then all bets are off. Because the only thing more determined than George, is that stupid Super Burp.)

Georges favorite thing to dobesides making kids laugh without getting in trouble-- is skateboarding. Hes working on a perfect 360 spin right now. Its gonna be awesome.


If you want to win at sports, get Julianna on your team. There isnt a game shes not good at. She can hit the farthest homeruns, shoot the most baskets, kick the most goals, and race the fastest of anyone George has ever known. Shes also one of the bravest kids hes ever seen. Juliannas not afraid of anythingnot even spiders, which is pretty cool, especially for a girl. Julianna was Georges buddy on his very first day in school. George knew Julianna didnt really want to be his buddyno one ever wants to be the new kids buddy. But Julianna was really nice. And shes turned out to be one of Georges closest friends.


George is lucky to have met Alex in his class this year. Alex is a really smart kid. Hes especially talented in math and science. Those arent the kinds of things you can use in a talent show, but they can come in plenty handy in other placeslike when youre trying to figure out how to stop a super burp. Alex is on his way to getting his name in a book of world records, for making the biggest A.B.C. gumball. Thats A.B.C. as in Already Been Chewed. Alex loves to laugh, which makes him the perfect best friend for someone like George.


Chris is the very first friend George ever made in Beaver Brook. He walked by one day while George was working on some way cool skateboard moves. George has been trying to give Chris a few skateboarding tips, but it turns out thats not Chriss thing. What Chris is really into is comic books. Hes created his own comic book characterToilet Man, a superhero who is saving the world with the help of his magic plunger! George thinks Chriss comics are hilarious, which is cool because Chris thinks George is hilarious too.


If somethings new and cool, Louies got to be be the first one to get his hands on it. Hes got the coolest shoes (with the roller skate wheels that pop out of the soles), the coolest clothes, and the coolest older brother of anyone at Edith B. Sugarman Elementary. Louie even has a way cool hobbyhes learning to play guitar. One of his very first songs was a rock and roll tune called you guessed itLouie, Louie.

Louies other hobby, unfortunately, is making fun of George. From the minute George started at Edith B. Sugarman Elementary School, Louie had let him know that they were never going to be friendsever. On Georges first day, Louie insisted on calling him New Kid instead of George. That was pretty much the nicest thing Louie had called him ever since.

Louie is famous at school for creating the game Killer Ballwhich is kind of like dodge ball, only meaner. Louies two best friends are Max and Mike. They follow him everywhere. Not that that surprises Louie. He figures people will always want to follow his lead. But hes wrong. Because George will never do what Louie tells him to.