Men: get off your. . . busy schedule. . . and read with your boys. Be a role model. Talk about reading. Let boys see you reading. Acting as a positive, literate role model is the single most important thing you can do to help boys read.

Booksellers: have male staff members highlight their favorite books for boys. Make a display of GUYS READ books.

Teachers and librarians: Take another look at your required reading lists. Imagine how many of the books would appeal to you if you were a boy.

Let boys know that non-fiction reading is reading. Magazines, newspapers, websites, biographies, science books, comic books, graphic novels. . .are all reading material.

Form a father-son or parent-son Bookclub. Meet at an indoor soccer facility or gym to talk about books, and then run around too. Be a model for how to read a book and talk about it.

Look at the recent literature on the psychology of boys (some titles listed below).

Check in to www.guysread.com to hear more from experts, find out what other guys are doing, get recommendations and booklists, share your successes and failures.