2 Loper might wear a ten-gallon ______ hat
10 The "swirling killer" in book #25
11 The Case of the Haystack ______
    (book #30)
13 The Case of the Halloween ______
    (book #9)
17 Sally May's husband
22 Illustrator of the Hank books
25 The chosen footwear of cowboys and
26 Hank's canine lady love
28 Miss Beulah is this breed of dog
29 Hank's home state

Check out the Crossword Puzzle SOLUTION
  1 The author of the Hank books
  2 Rip and Snort are _________
  3 The new publisher of the Hank series
  4 Slim drives one of these
  5 Hank's second-in-command
  6 Slim and Loper use this to rope cattle
  7 A cowboy's best friend
  8 The Dark Unchanted ______ (book #11)
  9 Loper and Sally May's son
12 Junior and Wallace are these off-key birds
14 Hank's "slender" human friend
15 Cowboys use them to guide their horses
      with their heels
16 Loper's wife
18 Slim's lady love
19 Murder in the Middle ______ (book #4)
20 Pete is a troublesome ______
21 The "priceless" object of book #7
23 Instrument the fox plays in book #12
24 Cowboys put saddles on these animals
27 The killer horse in book #8 has only
      one ______

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