Scumble & Savvy by Ingrid Law

'Law displays both a fertile imagination...and a dab hand for likable, colorful characters...[a] marvel-laden debut.'-Kirkus, starred review

"...[Law's] a natural storyteller who's created a vibrant and cinematic novel that readers are going to love."
Publishers Weekly, starred review

"Law's storytelling is rollicking, her language imaginative, and her entire cast of whacky, yet believable characters delightful...wholly engaging and lots of fun."
Booklist, starred review

"...Law has a feel for characters and language that is matched by few. With its delightful premise and lively adventure, this book will please a wide variety of audiences, not just fantasy fans...Definitely an author to watch."
School Library Journal

"Savvy's strong voice and fast-paced plot will keep readers turning pages."
David Richardson, The Blue Marble Bookstore

"This debut novel is a gem! Hop on board the bright pink school bus with Mibs as she travels through the middle of Kansas looking for her savvy and discovering what really matters in her life."
Cathy Berner, Blue Willow Bookshop

"Savvy is a magical story for all ages. Vivid characters throughout make this an irresistible treat. I loved this book!"
Janie Cornett, Coffeetree Books

"Mibs and her savvy are timeless and generation—less like Pippi, Harriet or Ramona. Savvy is a book to hold close to your heart and then give to a friend."
Holly Myers, Elliott Bay Book Company

"I loved reading about the Beaumont family and their many positive, reaffirming relationships between the family members and friends."
Lynne Mook, Mook & Blanchard

"Savvy is a fun, quirky book that I couldn't put down. I loved the characters and was captured by the uniqueness of the story."
Jan Iverson, Warwick's

"Savvy has all the makings of a classic. A tall tale infused with a celebration of human bonds and kindness, Savvy is reminiscent of Little Miss Sunshine and Holes, though it is a wholly original, wonderfully imaginative tale."
Isabel Berg, BookEnds

"Hooray! A novel about a magical family and children with special powers, and it isn't set in Great Britain, on a far away planet, in the depths of pre-history or far&-flung apocalyptic future.

Furthermore, the challenges facing Law's characters don't stem from an Evil Dark Lord, or sinister outside forces. Instead they have to use their wit and heart and yes, some special abilities, to cope with Actual Life, and all the natural heartaches and confusions life involves. Mibs and her talented siblings live in the present, in America's heartland, as homemade and hearty as apple pie. She's a character with grit, gumption, and a winning voice, and author Ingrid Law makes an indelible addition to children's literature. I have seldom read a YA novel with so much pleasure—Law's plotting and Mibs' compelling voice kept me reading from the first page to the satisfying last."
Robert McDonald, Unabridged Bookstore

"I LOVED this book. A fantasy, a coming of age story and a road trip all rolled into one and set in a very American landscape. For anyone who loves tall tales, fantasy, humor, and a happy ending."
Sara Carter, Children's Bookshop

"Savvy may have playful homages to The Wizard of Oz, but it's a truly original and delightful coming of age story."
Rosemary Pugliese at Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh

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"This companion to Newbery Honor Book Savvy provides the same high level of satisfying plot, delightful characters, alliterative language, and rich imagery."
Booklist (starred review)