Amazing Sex
  1. The best way to get what you want out of sex is by talking explicitly to your partner.
  2. A healthy relationship requires finding the time to have sex, no matter how busy your life is.
  3. You can enjoy your body more during sex if you enjoy the feelings in your body, rather than negative thoughts in your mind.
  4. You can create a more sensual experience by making your home sexier by adding small touches, like flowers, candles, and soft fabrics.
  5. Touch is the best way for people to let each other know that they want to have sex.
  6. When you talk in a sexy way to your lover, you are arousing him or her, and indicating that very soon, the physical aspects of foreplay will begin.
  7. Your erogenous zones refer to the places on your body that are sexually sensitive and respond to stimulation. Any place on the body can feel good when it's stimulated. Experiment with touching your own body to find your most erogenous zones.
  8. You can use your mouth to bring pleasure to every part of your partner's body.
  9. If you find yourself in a sexual position that you're not enjoying very much, move around until you find one you like.
  10. When you want to improve your sex life, your afterplay should include a discussion of the sex you just had. It doesn't have to be a deep analysis or a play-by-play. Talk about what generally worked for you and what didn't, so next time you'll know what your partner finds most exciting.
  11. You can make physical variations to your sex routine by changing thrusting speeds and rhythms, and by prolonging foreplay.
  12. You can both experience great orgasms together by indulging in mutual masturbation.

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