Being a Model

  1. A supermodel is a model who is so successful she becomes a household name, well-known to an audience outside the fashion industry. Supermodels include Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, Christie Brinkley, Kathy Ireland, and Roshumba Williams.
  2. A go and see is a job interview for a modeling job. It's called a go and see because a model goes to the client's office so they can see what she looks like in person.
  3. The three levels of modeling at big-time modeling, which refers to professional modeling in the fashion capitals (New York, Paris, and Milan); secondary-market modeling, professional modeling in other cities; and hobby modeling, amateur modeling that can be done anywhere.
  4. Modeling work encompasses photo shoots for magazines, catalogs, and advertisements as well as TV commercials and runway shows.
  5. Fashion models need to be a certain height, weight, and age and have good body proportions; the requirements for real-people and parts models are less stringent.
  6. Editorial refers to modeling done for the covers and inside pages of major fashion magazines. Runway means modeling in the fashion shows, when designers present their latest creations.
  7. List all your measurements on a statistics card to give to agents; if you aren't meeting with them in person, send a letter of introduction.
  8. Modeling schools teach people interested in modeling about the modeling industry, as well as various modeling skills and techniques, including posing for a camera, walking on the runway, and grooming.
  9. Fashion boards, also known as teen boards, are groups sponsored by malls that provide models for modeling events at the mall. They're a great way to try out modeling.
  10. When you're looking for modeling jobs for experience, wear something simple and classy: a skirt or tailored pants and a blouse or sweater, and no hose or flesh-tone hose, depending on the season.
  11. Your mother agency is the agency that discovered you, marketed you, and developed your career. If you've changed agencies in the course of your career, your mother agency is your base agency, located in the city you call home.
  12. Editorial modeling is great for exposure and creating a name for yourself, but it doesn't pay well; in fact, you may not be able to live off of editorial fees alone. Catalog modeling is great for making money, but it's not as well regarded, so your image and status may suffer if you do too much. Modeling in fashion shows offer fairly good money and prestige, but not s much exposure.
  13. Feuding with any member of the team on a shoot could have negative repercussions on a model's career. You never know, the same team may have worked with the client for years, and you may be the new kid on the block. And if the hairstylist or makeup artist tells the client that you're difficult, there's a good chance the client won't book you again.
  14. There are three categories of designer runway shows: haute couture, ready-to-wear, and resort. A different type of clothing is shown at each one.

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