Getting into College

  1. Select criteria based on your interest, not those of your friends, your teachers, or parents (unless, of course, they coincidentally mirror your own).
  2. Based on your cumulative grades and current standardized test scores, select colleges that fall into three categories: Reach, Ball Park, and Looks Good.
  3. ummer interviews are the best introduction to a college.
  4. You should ask the same questions of as many other students as possible before leaving campus. If you get similar answers from many others, you can assume you've gotten a pretty clear picture of campus life—which is, after all, why you toured the college in the first place.
  5. It might be wise to ask questions about a variety of issues: academic, atmosphere, chances of admission, faculty, food, residence life, and social life.
  6. Class rank is important because it compares with your academic performance with others in your class.
  7. While the results of standardized tests are important, they're secondary compared to course selection and class performance.
  8. Make sure the application represents you, not a counselor or relative.
  9. The essay is your voice—speak loud and clear.
  10. Provide additional letters from people who have a different perspective of your talents and abilities.
  11. Do not only consider the tuition of a college. Look at the total cost (i.e., books, room, board, fees, travel, miscellaneous expenses).
  12. Feel pride if you were admitted, hope if not. The game isn't over yet if you're on a waiting list.
  13. Examine the information and trust your gut reaction. Make a final decision and inform all the colleges before the deadline.
  14. Don't give up, final grades are seen by the colleges and it would be a shame to see your admission offers evaporate.

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