1. Elvisology is the official Graceland term for historical and statistical information on the life and career of Elvis.
  2. To appreciate Elvis' singing prowess, check out how he could sing low (and utterly sincerely) on "Love Me Tender;" how he could reach thrilling high notes on "My Way;" how he could be naughtily playful on "Teddy Bear;" and how he could growl (or is it a purr?) on "All Shook Up."
  3. The phrase rock and roll, referring the hard-driving music that evolved from a combination of styles such as rhythm and blues and jazz, was borrowed by DJ Alan Freed from the 1934 song by the Boswell Sisters called "Rock And Roll," in which it was used as a sexual euphemism. In the 1960s, rock and roll was shortened to rock.
  4. Rockabilly is the fusion of black rhythm and blues and white country music with "rock and roll" and "hillbilly music." It might have been Dewey Phillips, the first DJ to play Elvis, who first used the word. On his Memphis program, he would say: "man, they're rocking country music. They're rockabillys."
  5. Elvis had two distinct periods: Early Elvis was raw and powerful; Late Elvis was polished and dramatic.
  6. The phrase shotgun house or shotgun shack is applied to the first home Elvis ever knew. But what does it mean? According to some, the term signifies a structure so small that a bullet could enter the front door and exit the back door without hitting a thing.
  7. The name Elvis is derived from the Old Norse word alviss, meaning "all wise." The name "Aron" or "Aaron" is the Hebrew Aaron, meaning "exalted." Was Elvis an all-wise, exalted man? That works for me.
  8. Payola is the bribing of DJs (disk jockeys) and program directors to get artists airtime. Elvis is one of the few artists from his era (or any era) to hit the big time without using such disreputable methods.
  9. Despite every attempt to continue business as usual with a draftee like Elvis Presley, the Army had to take special measures. They drew up plans for Operation Elvis to handle fans at every stage of his service— and deliver the tons of mail to him (500 to 1,000 a day in West Germany).
  10. The phrase Memphis Mafia referred to the tight-knit group of friends, relatives, employees, and others who catered to Elvis' every whim and attempted to keep him out of harm's way.

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