1. Here's a good way to remember what belongs to your place setting at a crowded table. The first two letters of "drink" are DR. Think "drinks right." At a crowded table, your glass will be on your right and your bread plate on your left.
  2. Never call attention to the dining mistakes of others or be overly apologetic about your own.
  3. Skirts and trousers should not be so tight that they convey a message of sexiness. Exposed cleavage and miniskirts are not appropriate business attire for women, as tight "muscle" shirts or shirts that expose the chest are inappropriate for men.
  4. When complimenting someone, make sure you are sincere. When accepting a compliment, graciously say "Thank you." Don't argue the point.
  5. Holding doors and other ways of showing deference to women have long since vanished from the business arena.
  6. Keep your business cards in pristine condition, and always be discreet when exchanging them. Keep your cards with you at all times[em]you never know when an opportunity will present itself.
  7. When writing a letter, remember that the address goes at the upper right of the page with the date under it. The salutation is flush left, and the closing and signature are to the right.
  8. The two basic rules of proper behavior are: Treat people with respect, and be kind.
  9. It's important for even a busy host to greet guests and to spend a little time with them after they arrive.
  10. Avoid terms such as "victim," "crippled," and "invalid." Instead of "handicapped," say "disabled."
  11. Certain kinds of flowers have negative connotations in some cultures. White flower signify mourning in China; yellow flowers have similar negative connotations among some Latins and Middle Easterners, and some Europeans connect chrysanthemums with death.
  12. When being criticized, don't become overly defensive. Remember that people are most defensive when they know they are wrong.
  13. Never send alcohol to a person's office. Most companies prohibit alcohol consumption on the job, and the mere presence of alcohol in the office is not very professional.
  14. Tip a private driver, limousine or taxi, 18 to 20 percent of the total bill.

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