Five-Minute Managing
  • Five-Minute Managers know you accomplish more with fewer words and a focus on only the most important points.
  • Small business owners should objectively inventory all the skills of every person in the business. Be sure to include the skills people acquired before joining the business. There are sure to be some hidden gems.
  • Studies show that competition produces especially poor results when creativity is an important and required skill. Separate studies confirm the value of group stimulation and encouragement in creatively focused tasks.
  • Manufacturers are frequently surprised by how people use their products. When they find many people not using a product optimally, they will put much better instructions on their package. Try reading the labels of the products in your home. Guaranteed, you will find at least one product you can use better or for something of which you were not aware.
  • Be precise when setting personal goals. The power in personal goals comes from knowing what you want. Not putting start and completion dates on your goals can result in your efforts being unfocused and ultimately dying a slow death. Assigning dates emphasizes urgency and commitment, two important success drivers.
  • There will be times when you need to persist. Be ready for those times by reminding yourself of the goal and visualizing its achievement.
  • As a Five-Minute Manager inform people that you love to praise. People learn to expect and seek praise.
  • To make the transition to a dramatic reduction in negative feedback and a significant increase in positive feedback, establish a daily positive "quota." Treat it as seriously as you treat a sales quota.
  • Contact customers after the sale to determine how you can improve their experience of the product or service. They appreciate your efforts and you gain a rich source or product improvement ideas.
  • Gently mix a positive environment, brainstorming, an open mind, and curiosity to improve your creativity skills.
  • Use the same business logo on everything. Invest in creating a quality business logo. A graphic artist can help. Choose your colors carefully. Make sure the colors you select are consistent with the message and image of your business. Finally, remember that as pretty as pastel colors can be, they can also be hard to see.
  • Current customers, cash, and market share can help your business in unexpectedly powerful ways.
  • Sometimes you are asked to speak with little or no time to prepare a response. A common reaction is fear, but this only shuts down your ability to creatively respond. Let go of fear and become as calm as you can. From a center of calmness trust that the right response will flow through you.
  • Assistance from family and a coach, plus a highly functional home office, make the Five-Minute Manager at home a super success.
  • Although chaos can be ultimately destructive in many situations, as free-flowing, unstructured process can be especially helpful in creative situations. Even here, however, there needs to be a guiding hand that ultimately ensures that it is constructive.

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