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Julia Cameron

Julia Cameron

Julia Cameron has been an active artist for more than thirty years, with fifteen books (including bestsellers The Artist's Way and The Right to Write) and countless television, film, and theater scripts to her credit.

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Jack Kerouac
Illustrator: Rob Admiraal

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My Artist's Way Toolkit

Julia Cameron

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It's now more convenient than ever to unlock your creativity and stay inspired all year long.

Do you ever find yourself struck by a great idea while on the go? Or wondering how you can set aside time to be creative when life is so hectic? My Artist's Way Toolkit offers flexibility (to make the most of inspiration, wherever it strikes) as well as guidance drawn from the bestselling book that has motivated millions of artists, writers, musicians and actors.

Members of My Artist's Way Toolkit will receive access to the tools, tips and inspiration that will help you:

  • Unblock your creativity with proven Artist's Way exercises
  • Trace your creative process in your own interactive Creativity Notebook
  • Keep your creative energy flowing with Daily Inspirations, Affirmations, and weekly Artist's Date ideas

Additional features:

  • Personalize your notebook background, font and font size
  • Upload photos to your notebook pages
  • Share your Daily Inspirations with others
  • Capture fleeting moments of creative insight with your Creative Notes
  • Receive audio inspiration via the Creative Soundbites
  • Export your Creativity Pages, Artist's Dates and Artist's Way Exercises as a text file

"What the My Artist's Way Toolkit does is give people a chance to use a notebook that's designed specifically to match up with The Artist's Way... We think of creativity as being some airy fairy thing but the truth is it takes great focus and grounding—and that's what this toolkit brings to people."—Julia Cameron, bestselling author of The Artist's Way

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Praise for The Artist's Way

"It's brilliant...It was through doing The Artist's Way that I was inspired to make my movie LolliLove. I completely credit this book with giving me the tools and courage I needed to complete that project (a project that took over 4 years to finish.) And I credit LolliLove with giving me the confidence and practice with the mockumentary style that led me to landing my job on The Office."—Actress Jenna Fischer (The Office)

"An in-dept program to uncover, discover, and recover your own creative juices and ensure your own artistic growth."—Julliard Journal

"If you wonder if you have what it takes, this book [The Artist's Way] has your answer."—Bestselling author Anne Lamott, writing for Mademoiselle

"My thanks to Julia Cameron for guiding me along the Artist's Way."—Bestselling author Patricia Cornwell (from the dedication for her book Trace)