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ISBN 9781101614334

The Barefoot Running Book [Deluxe Edition]

Jason Robillard

This deluxe ebook edition of The Barefoot Running Book includes 29 videos demonstrating techniques and exercises to help you learn how to master barefoot running.

Ditch those cushiony running shoes—they're holding you back and hurting your feet!

You've heard about barefoot running and how it can reduce injury and allow for better form. Maybe you've even tried it and learned how shedding those heavy, overly - manufactured shoes can make running more enjoyable. Regardless of your expertise level, Jason Robillard—a leading expert on barefoot running education and director of the Barefoot Running University—synthesizes the latest research to ease you from barefoot walking to slow running to competitive and trail running vis-à-vis simple drills, training plans, and useful hints from fellow barefoot runners.

Practical, easy-to-follow, and illustrated with black-and-white photographs and helpful videos throughout, The Barefoot Running Book shows how everyone can transition to barefoot and minimalist shoe running—safely and optimally.

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