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Jack Kerouac
Illustrator: Rob Admiraal

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WHAT TECHNOLOGY WANTS by Kevin Kelly: Citia Edition

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Reading should be easy, and sharing your favorite parts should be even easier. That's why Penguin has joined with technology company Citia to bring you a new and interactive way to explore nonfiction—with you in the driver's seat.

Launching with Wired cofounder Kevin Kelly's What Technology Wants, the Citia app condenses the book's concepts into digital decks of cards, organized along major themes in a 3D environment. When you discover an idea you love—or desperately want to discuss—share it on Facebook, Twitter, or email. Debate Kelly's stance on modern technology as a living system with everyone you know online, or define his term "technium" for your Twitter followers with a single swipe.

Citia lets you navigate the themes of What Technology Wants in a way that makes sense to you, and then start your own conversation. The Citia edition of What Technology Wants is available for download on all versions of the iPad.

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