D-Day: Amplified
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Antony Beevor

Author, Antony Beevor

Antony Beevor was educated at Winchester and Sandhurst, where he studied under John Keegan. A regular officer with the 11th Hussars, he left the Army to write. He has published four novels, and seven works of non-fiction. They include The Spanish Civil War; Inside the British Army; Crete—The Battle and the Resistance, which was awarded a Runciman Prize, and Paris After the Liberation, 1944-1949 (written with his wife Artemis Cooper). He has also been contributed to several books including The British Army, Manpower and Society into the Twenty-First Century, edited by Hew Strachan and to a forthcoming book on the Eastern Front in World War II in honour of the late John Erickson.

D-Day Amplified (Enhanced Edition)

Antony Beevor

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The #1 internationally bestselling history of D-Day—now enhanced with rare video footage from the NBC News Archives for the ultimate narrative of the battle for Normandy

Chosen by Time as one of the top 10 nonfiction books of the year.

Antony Beevor—the man who "single-handedly transformed the reputation of military history" (The Guardian, U.K.)—presents the first major account of the Normandy invasion and the liberation of Paris in more than twenty years. D-Day: The Battle for Normandy is the first book to describe not only the experiences of the American, British, Canadian, and German soldiers but also the terrible suffering of the French civilians caught up in the fighting. Beevor draws upon research from more than thirty archives in six countries, going back to original accounts and interviews conducted by combat historians just after the action. The result is the consummate account of the invasion and the ferocious offensive that led to Paris’s liberation.

Enhanced with rare film and newsreel footage from the NBC News Archive the D-Day: The Battle for Normandy Amplified eBook will put you on the beach for the Normandy landings, in the air for Allied bombing runs and will give you a front-row seat for the liberation of Paris.

D-Day: The Battle for Normandy Amplified includes the following features:

  • 26 film clips embedded into the text, giving the reader a seamless reading and viewing experience
  • Video of the Allied commanders, paratroopers suiting up and jumping into action, Allied troops landing on the Normandy beaches, firefights in the deadly bocage hedgerows and through bombed-out towns, Allied bombing runs, the liberation of Paris, the German fortifications on the Normandy coast and much more
  • Rarely seen video from the NBC News Archive, including original NBC and Universal newsreels
  • The original NBC Radio broadcasts announcing the D-Day invasion
  • Rare color footage shot by journalist Jack Lieb, who worked for newsreel company News of the Day and shot from the D-Day landings to the liberation of Paris
  • Detailed maps and photographs included in the original book
  • An easy-to-read table of equivalent military ranks across the American, British, Canadian, and German armies