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Questions and Answers with David A. Adler, author of the Cam Jansen books

Why did you decide to write the Cam Jansen books?

I had been a math teacher in the New York City school system and was just beginning a child care leave. My first son had been born and I planned to stay home and take care of him while my wife returned to her work as a school psychologist. I had already written a few books, but I wanted to work on a series...

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Cam Jansen and the Mystery Writer Mystery (#27)
Chapter One

"I can solve it!" Barry Blake says at the start of each book. "I can solve any mystery." "He's so smart," Cam Jansen told her mother. "He's strong, too. He once lifted the front of a truck just to find a clue."

"Yes," Mrs. Jansen said. "But do you remember what else he always says? 'I can solve any mystery and be home in time to help Mom with dinner.' He's a very good son."

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Praise for Cam Jansen

"This series [is] a continuing favorite with the transitional age group." —Booklist


Memory Quiz

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