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Shark Wars
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Silver or brown, gulp it down!
Use electromagnetic mode to hunt fish in a race against time.

Catch the lobster
Can you catch the illusive lobster? He's quick!

An intruder!
Rid the reef of an unwelcome and ferocious Bull shark.

Clacking Shellheads
Want to eat some crabs? Their claws make a tasty but difficult meal.

The drove of bluefin
So many tuna! 100's to catch in a fast free-for-all.

Razor Shiver arrives
It's all up to you; can you stop Razor Shiver from invading?


  • Play as Gray or Barkley in a real-time 3D side-scrolling platform
  • Simple interaction: tilt to swim — swipe to attack
  • Outrank the world in a fight for the top!
  • 65,000 square meters of reef to explore
  • 100's of hidden objects
  • 6 objectives (with more to come!)

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PLEASE NOTE: Shark Wars only runs on an iPhone 3GS or higher and third gen iPod Touch and higher. If you are still experiencing load issues on these devices, please email us at We value your feedback—help us make Shark Wars great!


About the Shark Wars books

Gray is already bigger than all the other sharks in his clan, or shiver. He can't stop growing, and when his hunger gets him into trouble, he's banished from the reef. Luckily his best friend Barkley comes with him... but their hunt for food forces them to journey deep into the Big Blue.

Then Gray and Barkley accidentally swim into Goblin Shiver territory. They have no choice but to join the shiver. They'll help fight against the rival sharks of Razor Shiver in return for training, protection, and food. But who can Gray and Barkley trust when the ocean is full of slippery fish and one mistake means you're someone else's dinner?

Dive into a story of deep friendship, true blue courage, and how it feels to be big cartilaged in SHARK WARS!