Marcel the Shell With Shoes On: Things About Me

Marcel the Shell: The Most Surprised Iíve Ever Been

One thing about a new day—you really never know where it will go, even if you know where it starts.

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On is walking on the blanket when he is unexpectedly launched high into the air. Tumbling through space, the bird's-eye view offers our small friend not only a glimpse of the important things in life—his beloved Nana who sleeps in a fancy French bread, a stinky shoe, and a monstrous baby—but also a much bigger picture. Sometimes the most wonderful discoveries are the ones we least expect.

Marcel the Shell With Shoes On: Things About Me

His name is Marcel, and he's partially a shell, but he also has shoes and a face, and lots of other great qualities as well. He won the hearts of millions of people when his short film became an internet sensation. And now he is pleased to present his very own picture book.

Marcel's message for his readers is simple and beautiful: we are who we are, and that is a wonderful thing. Marcel loves to talk about the different things that make him unique. He's proud of his odd, miniature life,† (he hang-glides on a Dorito and wears a lentil as a hat), and even though he is a talking shell with only one eye, he reminds us to be proud and curious about our lives as well.† Marcel shows us that no matter who we are or what our life is, the most important thing is that we take a good look at it and enjoy it every day.

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Marcel the Shell With Shoes On: Things About Me Reviews

"Marcel the Shell is a mollusk on the rise."

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"Our favorite anthropomorphic shell."
(Entertainment Weekly)

"Utterly charming."
(The Washington Post)


"Charming Brooklyn-spawned viral video 'Marcel the Shell' is now a charming (and beautiful) children's book."
(New York Magazine)

"If you thought the viral video for†Marcel the Shell with Shoes On†was charming, check out children's book featuring Marcel."
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