Marcel the Shell With Shoes On: Things About Me

Meet Marcel, a shell. He has shoes and a face, and friends, and a whole life. It's not exactly like your life or mine, so that is what his book is about. That is what it's ALL about.

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Interview with Marcel

What do you like best about starring in a short film?

I like watching them turn on the camera, and I like it when people ask me questions because I like to think about myself and, you know, get to know myself. I also like watching myself walk around.

What do you like best about starring in a picture book?

It makes me feel honored to be in a book. I've been ON a book before, because that's what I use as a roller skating rink, but I've never been IN the pictures inside the book.

How are they different?

I'm not sure.

How are they the same?

I'm usually the same.

If you could travel anywhere—real or imagined—where would you go and why?

I think if I could go anywhere, I would go to the chair. I've heard that from the arm you can see the whole rug. I think something like that would really put things in perspective.

Favorite thing about yourself?

I like my singing, but I like that I'm not TOO braggy about it. I just like how I sound and I think that's enough.

If there is one thing that you'd like your fans—both young and old—to take away from your new book, what would it be?

I'd like them to read the book and then hope that they meet me one day, because I think I'd like to meet all of them, and if we all met each other and just did some chit chat or had some sips of tea, I think we would all feel really good about that. Also, I'd like them to feel relaxed but also excited about life, but that's really up to them.

20 Questions with Marcel

Favorite food:
Muffin Crumbs

Favorite animal:

Favorite pet you've had and it's name:
Alan, but before him I had a cotton ball named Sarah.

Favorite color:

Favorite thing to do in the winter:
I like to go and visit the tree that they bring in from the cold. They always dress him up in beautiful things. I like to wear brightly colored hats.

Favorite thing to do in the summer:
Surf on a watermelon seed, plus, I like the smell of sunblock.

Favorite place to travel to:
The record player

Favorite picture book not featuring you:
One Morning in Maine

Favorite thing to do in the morning:
I like to stretch out and do deep breathing. I wish I could read the newspaper but it turns my shoes black.

Favorite thing to do at night:
Sing goodnight to all of my things.

Favorite movie:
Home Alone

Favorite television show:
Murder She Wrote. It's my Nana's favorite, too.

Favorite hobby that people might not know about:
What's a "hobby"?

Favorite thing to do in your spare time:
Visit my grandmother, Nana Connie.

Favorite day of the week:
Monday, because let's get going!

Favorite thing to do on your birthday:
I like it when I get phone calls from my friends and they're all so happy for me because it's my birthday.

Favorite thing to do on a rainy day:
Listen to the radio and look out the window.

Favorite place to hang out with your friends:
We like to go down to the sink.

Favorite thing to put on a sandwich:
I love fresh ground pepper but it can be dangerous if you put too much on.

Favorite pizza topping:
I just like plain pizza.

Oh! Someone just told me what a "hobby" is. My hobby is writing ghost stories but I keep it under wraps because they're really scary.