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Andrea Cremer

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PointeI'll Give You the Sun

Recently, I was asked about what this book is about, and after an awkwardly long pause full of stammers and half sentences, I said: EVERYTHING. Because it is. This book, at the surface is a story about two twins who suffer a loss (told in two perspectives, from two different time periods, which alternate by chapters) and have to find their way back to each other. But this story is also about growing, and family, and identity, and art, and the vivid colors in which we experience first kisses and falling in love. Jandy weaves together key moments and the intangible essential life lessons we all have to learn into the first novel in years to remind me why I do what I do every day. Read it and pass it on (but not before you make the person you hand it to do the same). This book absolutely must be experienced by as many people as possible.

-Alexis, School and Library Marketing Coordinator


Brown Girl Dreaming

Brown Girl Dreaming
By Jacqueline Woodson
Ages 9-12
4 starred reviews!

"[Woodson's] memoir in verse is a marvel, as it turns deeply felt remembrances of Woodson's preadolescent life into art… Her mother cautions her not to write about her family but, happily, many years later, she has and the result is both elegant and eloquent, a haunting book about memory that is itself altogether memorable." — Booklist, starred review

"Mesmerizing journey through [Woodson's] early years… Her perspective on the volatile era in which she grew up is thoughtfully expressed in powerfully effective verse." —School Library Journal, starred review

Althea and Oliver

Althea and Oliver
By Cristina Moracho
Ages 14 and up
2 starred reviews!

"This richly satisfying debut defies simple description." —School Library Journal, starred review

Starbird Murphy and the World Outside

Starbird Murphy and the World Outside
By Karen Finneyfrock
Ages 14 and up
2 starred reviews!

"The language manages to be simultaneously quiet and passionate, and the numerous characters all shine through with full backstories, creating a unique and fully immersive reading experience." —Booklist, starred review

Little Roja Riding Hood

Little Roja Riding Hood
By Susan Middleton Elya
Illustrator: Susan Guevara
Ages 6-8
2 starred reviews!

"An inventive spin on a familiar tale, this will stand up to repeated readings and viewings." —The Horn Book, starred review

Blue Sea Burning: The Chronicles of Egg

Blue Sea Burning: The Chronicles of Egg
By Geoff Rodkey
Ages 9-12
2 starred reviews!

High seas adventures start on the first page of the third installment of The Chronicles of Egg. It is a humorous tale packed with action and adventure. Reluctant readers are sure to enjoy this series. While it is meant for younger readers, older teens will still enjoy this pirate-packed tale. —VOYA starred review

Author Access Andrea Cremer

The Inventor's Secret

Andrea Cremer Andrea Cremer, the New York Times bestselling author of the Nightshade novels, has written an all new action-packed alternate-history steampunk adventure called THE INVENTOR'S SECRET.


Learn more about Andrea Cremer here.

Learn more about THE INVENTOR'S SECRET here.

You chose an entirely different direction for the Inventor's Secret from the Nightshade series. What attracted you to the steampunk universe?

Prior to becoming a full-time author I was a professor of history at Macalester College in St. Paul, MN. My research specialization focused on gender, religion, and violence in the American colonies and I've always been fascinated by the way societies are formed, justified, defended, and dissolved. The narrative of American colonies to United States is often described as exceptional – the story of American identity remains intimately tied to the aims of the Revolutionary War and the spirit of the Declaration of Independence.

With Inventor's Secret I imagined what early nineteenth-century North America would look like if the British had quashed the colonial rebellion. What would happen to the ideals and identities that we so closely associate with the War for Independence and the Early Republic? Would there still be something uniquely "American" in this new scenario.

The idea set this alternate history in a steampunk universe sparked, oddly enough, during an eye exam. An optometrist's instruments retain a bizarre, antique style that reminded me of mad scientists like Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and Robert Louis Stevenson's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. As the eye specialist peered at me through a metal contraptions covered with levers and cranks. It made me feel as though I'd stepped into another world.

Fantasy has always been my favorite genre and steampunk presented the perfect means to bring history and the surreal together. It became an irresistible project!

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