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How to Plan an Author Appearance

Welcome to the home for Penguin Young Readers Group's author and illustrator appearances! We want to help you bring great authors to your school or library. Below is a step-by-step guide to planning your next event. Please feel free to reach out to our Author Appearance Coordinator at penguinauthorvisits@gmail.com with any questions.

  1. Learn the Basics
  2. Choose Your Authors

    Click on the Author Appearance Roster button on the right to see a list of authors previously featured on our website. Feel free to also peruse our website from the homepage to discover any of our authors who would be best for your event. We suggest checking out our interactive State Awards Map!

  3. Request Your Author(s)

    It's easy! Send an inquiry email to our Author Appearance Coordinator at penguinauthorvisits@gmail.com with your contact information as well as the details of your event and which author(s) you are interested in hosting.

    Don't see the author selection you're looking for? Feel free to also email penguinauthorvisits@gmail.com for information on any Penguin author you have in mind or for guidance on choosing and inviting an author to your event.

  4. Prepare for your Event

    Once you have scheduled your event and you have a finalized and signed the event contract, you'll need do the following to get ready:

    • organize transportation
    • have equipment ready for the presentation depending on the technical needs of the author you are hosting
    • provide a schedule to the author/illustrator
    • prepare the payment

    You should also have books available to sell — we encourage you to go through a local bookseller, an institutional wholesaler (if you use one), or you may order directly from Penguin.

Best wishes for a successful event!

—The Penguin School and Library Marketing Team

Author Access Jay Asher

Thirteen Reasons Why cover

Author Interview with Jay Asher

What are you most looking forward to during your 50 States Against Bullying Tour?

My favorite aspect of being an author has always been visiting different communities and meeting my readers face to face. With traditional school visits, I also get to speak with people who haven't read my books and talk about my writing process as well as the serious aspects I write about. WIth this tour, I've been given a wonderful opportunity to talk even more about the specific issue of bullying. When I decided I wanted to become an author, I never thought something I wrote would be used as a way to start conversations that are otherwise difficult to begin. When you're being bullied, it can feel like no one cares, and I'm so excited to tell the teens at the schools I visit that I wouldn't be there if their school didn't care. While I know the tour will exhaust me and I'll miss being home tremendously, when asked to do something as positive as this, it's impossible to say no.

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