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How to Plan an Author Appearance

Welcome to the home for Penguin Young Readers Group's author and illustrator appearances! We want to help you bring great authors to your school or library. Below is a step-by-step guide to planning your next event. Please feel free to reach out to our Author Appearance Coordinator at penguinauthorvisits@gmail.com with any questions.

  1. Learn the Basics
  2. Choose Your Authors

    Click on the Author Appearance Roster button on the right to see a list of authors previously featured on our website. Feel free to also peruse our website from the homepage to discover any of our authors who would be best for your event. We suggest checking out our interactive State Awards Map!

  3. Request Your Author(s)

    It's easy! Send an inquiry email to our Author Appearance Coordinator at penguinauthorvisits@gmail.com with your contact information as well as the details of your event and which author(s) you are interested in hosting.

    Don't see the author selection you're looking for? Feel free to also email penguinauthorvisits@gmail.com for information on any Penguin author you have in mind or for guidance on choosing and inviting an author to your event.

  4. Prepare for your Event

    Once you have scheduled your event and you have a finalized and signed the event contract, you'll need do the following to get ready:

    • organize transportation
    • have equipment ready for the presentation depending on the technical needs of the author you are hosting
    • provide a schedule to the author/illustrator
    • prepare the payment

    You should also have books available to sell — we encourage you to go through a local bookseller, an institutional wholesaler (if you use one), or you may order directly from Penguin.

Best wishes for a successful event!

—The Penguin School and Library Marketing Team

Author Access Rachel Vail

Unfriended cover

Rachel Vail never intended to become a writer. As a teenager she believed her only skill was eavesdropping, and therefore planned to become a spy. But as a freshman at Georgetown University, she realized that her skill could be put to use. By writing down conversations she overheard, the stories in her head evolved into plays, and eventually into novels.

Rachel Vail chooses to write for adolescents simply because that period of life is so complicated. "You are experiencing things now you've never felt before. You're starting to define yourself as a person. It feels horrendous, excruciating, and exciting all at once; it's the most intense time of life," she says. Rachel Vail is the author of Wonder and she lives in New York City with her husband and their son.

Learn more about Rachel Vail here.

Start reading Unfriended here.

Author Interview with Rachel Vail

What can a school, library, or conference expect when you are making an appearance?

They can expect my complete attention and enthusiasm—and that I will do my best to bring out the same in their students. My school and library visits incorporate plenty of anecdotes, some reading, and a lively interaction between the students and me (and among the participants as well). My aim is to inspire the students I meet with, whether at schools, libraries, or conferences, to approach both reading and writing in a dynamic, robust, and energized manner; to begin to see the revision process as the most fun and productive aspect of writing; and to gain an understanding of text and subtext, characterization, plot and theme development, and the communicative power of voice in their own work and that of others. All in one day, while they are busy having fun, laughing a lot, and surprising themselves with their own brilliance over and over and over.

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