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World Order by Henry Kissinger "could not be more timely" praises Michiko Kakutani in the New York Times. On the cover of the New York Times Book Review, John Micklethwait writes, "If you worry about a globe spinning out of control, then World Order is for you. It brings together history, geography, modern politics and no small amount of passion…it is a book that every member of Congress should be locked in a room with—and forced to read before taking the oath of office.” More on Kissinger's important new book can be found in this interview with Susan Page of USA Today.
Hillary Rodham Clinton reviews Henry Kissinger's World Order for The Washington Post. She says, "[World Order] is vintage Kissinger, with his singular combination of breadth and acuity along with his knack for connecting headlines to trend lines....A real national dialogue is the only way we’re going to rebuild a political consensus to take on the perils and the promise of the 21st century. Henry Kissinger’s book makes a compelling case for why we have to do it and how we can succeed."
The Most Dangerous Book by Kevin Birmingham is called "a grand, readable adventure story" by Rachel Shteir in The New York Times Book Review. Read her full assessment here.

Alexander Chee gives Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng a wonderful review in The New York Times Book Review. He says, “If we know this story, we haven’t seen it yet in American fiction, not until now…Ng has set two tasks in this novel’s doubled heart—to be exciting, and to tell a story bigger than whatever is behind the crime. She does both by turning the nest of familial resentments into at least four smaller, prickly mysteries full of secrets the family members won’t share…What emerges is a deep, heartfelt portrait of a family struggling with its place in history, and a young woman hoping to be the fulfillment of that struggle. This is, in the end, a novel about the burden of being the first of your kind—a burden you do not always survive.”

The Magician's Land by Lev Grossman debuted at #1 on the New York Times bestsellers list this week! This is Grossman’s first #1 ever, and it was preluded by a media storm: in the New York Times, Sarah Lyall called The Magicians a “wonderful trilogy…If the Narnia books were like catnip for a certain kind of kid, these books are like crack for a certain kind of adult.” There were more wonderful reviews in Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, and an interview with Lev Grossman on NPR’s Weekend Edition Saturday.
Lev Grossman’s genre-bending Magicians trilogy comes to a close as The Magician's Land hits stands this week, welcomed by spectacular reviews from the New York Times Book Review, A.V. Club, Boing Boing, Boston Globe, Slate, Entertainment Weekly, and more. A number of original pieces by Lev also appeared this week on The Atlantic’s By Heart column, Vulture, and BuzzFeed. Lev kicked off his release with an event at St Joseph’s College hosted by Brooklyn’s Greenlight Bookstore; it was a packed house as fans arrived to play trivia games for prizes before Lev took the stage with fellow authors Erin Morgenstern, Lauren Oliver, Margaret Stohl, Michelle Hodkin, and Austin Grossman to discuss The Magician's Land. The book tour continues on to 11 more cities, including an event in Santa Fe with George R. R. Martin. Expect tons more great publicity on the horizon, including NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday, People, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Salon, and Buzzfeed. Additionally, SyFy recently greenlighted a pilot of The Magicians for television series and is moving forward on casting and production.
Jojo Moyes’ new novel One Plus One is off to a fantastic start.  Debuting at #11 on The New York Times hardcover fiction bestseller list, One Plus One joins the paperback editions of her books The Girl You Left Behind and Me Before You on The New York Times bestseller list, with these two titles both on the trade paperback fiction list.   The One Plus One reviews are outstanding: USA Today calls it “a delightful summer read”; “One Plus One shimmers with both unyielding warmth and canny incisiveness” (The Boston Globe); “A madcap road trip jojo_oneplusone_eventthat’s packed to the boot with familial drama, class clashes, and romance…you’ll be rooting for this ragtag group of strivers until the very last page (Entertainment Weekly); “Safety advisory…slather on plenty of SPF 50. Once you start the book, you probably won’t look up again until you’re the last one left on the beach (Washington Post); “wryly romantic and surprisingly suspenseful (People); “readers, do yourself a favor and savor the book” (Dallas Morning News). Moyes kicked off her US tour in New York on July 7 and has drawn large crowds of hundreds of enthusiastic fans everywhere from New Jersey to California. She ends her 12-event tour in Nashville on July 18. Read an excerpt from One Plus One
Michael Hastings’ debut, posthumous novel, The Last Magazine, has continued to impress readers on a national scale. David Carr discussed the book in his New York Times column, writing, “Even from the grave Mr. Hastings has demonstrated anew an ability to reframe the debate…[The novel] reads as vivid archaeology that reveals much about the present moment…I have no idea why his car ended up smashed into a palm tree in Los Angeles in the early morning hours of June 18 a year ago. I just know he left something remarkable behind.” Rolling Stone called it a “frenetic and darkly funny roman à clef” in a feature story about the book (online now; July 3 print issue).  Entertainment Weekly’s rated it a B+ and said “certainly readers can enjoy the result as an out-and-out satire. But those familiar with the magazine biz will recognize the authentic whiff of life between the covers.” Gawker published their take on characters from the book, and the June 20th edition of Shelf Awareness included a review: “A terrifyingly funny look at the weekly print-magazine world…Hastings manages to create enough intrigue to make an entrancing, compelling narrative.…For a society obsessed with its ‘right to know,’ The Last Magazine offers the news deliciously unfiltered.”  Plus, Bette Midler shared with The Wall Street Journal that The Last Magazine is on her reading list, and The Barnes and Noble Review included the novel on its Long List, calling it “scathing, funny, rollicking.” Harper’s Magazine ran a review and Infowars.com posted a feature on Michael Hastings’ reporting. Elise Jordan, Michael’s wife, discussed The Last Magazine on MSNBC’s “Weekends with Alex Witt” last Saturday. She is scheduled to appear on Fox News Channel’s Hannity tonight. C-SPAN’s Book TV coverage of last week’s Barnes & Noble tribute event will air on July 5-6.
Denali’s Howl: The Deadliest Climbing Disaster on America’s Wildest Peak by Andy Hall was published last week amid great media attention. The Wall Street Journal ran a rave review, and Alaska media has swarmed to the book, including front-page coverage byAnchorage Press and Alaska Dispatch.  BookPage calls the book “a labor of love…an indelible portrait of [Denali] and the culture of 1960s mountaineering” and the San Francisco Bay Guardian called it  “a page-turner that’s as much about memory as it is about mountaineering.”  Hall, former editor of Alaska Magazine, has upcoming book events in Anchorage, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Denali National Park. To learn more about Denali’s Howl and to see some of the great photography in the book visit www.denalishowl.tumblr.com. Read an excerpt from Denali’s Howl
Celebrated journalist Michael Hastings’ debut novel, The Last Magazine, went on sale this week and Hastings’ writing continues to spark conversation one year after his death. The Washington Post said, “The Last Magazine is tender and brutal, worldly and inbred, high-minded and gross, smartly rendered and rough around the edges — and quite often hilarious…The Last Magazine is the funniest, most savage takedown of the American news media since Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail ’72, by his hero Hunter S. Thompson.” The New York Times called the novel “fast and funny and humane. When I put it down, it called to be picked up again.” Christopher Dickey’s review for The Daily Beast raves: “What makes this novel work—really, I can’t think of a better little tome to take to the beach—is that it’s just so much fun, so wicked, so amusing, and so brilliantly observed. The caricatures of people living and dead (career-wise) are only part of its charm. I haven’t read a better send-up of hackery since the last time I dove into Evelyn Waugh’s 1938 classic Scoop.” The Last Magazine has also garnered additional praise in Kirkus ReviewsBooklistNew York Magazine’s Frank Rich columnSlate.comThe Daily Beast, Mashable, the Chicago Tribune/Printers RowSan Francisco ChronicleNew York Daily News, and the New York Post. Additional reviews are set to run in Harper’s MagazineColumbia Journalism ReviewEntertainment WeeklyShelf Awareness, NPR.org’s “All Things Considered,” Associated Press, and The Rumpus. Rolling Stone, Medium.com, and VICE.com have also all confirmed features, and The Last Magazine will be included as a Vanity Fair Hot Type.  “A Tribute to Michael Hastings” event featuring a panel of top journalists at Barnes & Noble, Union Square took place on Wednesday (6/18). Rachel Maddow called The Last Magazine  “a laugh-out-loud, totally uncompromising, screamer of a novel” on her show Monday night (watch the 12+ minute segment about Hastings’ career and the book, including an interview with Hastings’ widow, Elise Jordan,here). Elise wrote a powerful article for Time about The Last Magazine and her husband’s frustration with the media. She was also interviewed for a New York Times Arts feature, as well as by NPR’s “Weekend Edition with Rachel Martin” and PBS/Pacifica’s “Democracy Now! With Amy Goodman.” And there is still more major media to come including MSNBC’s The Cycle (6/18), MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews (6/18) and Al Jazeera’sConsider This (6/19).