Dr. Kelly McGonigal launched the The Upside of Stress on The Today Show, where she gave Matt Lauer a bit of a stressful situation to deal with, and helped coach him through his physiological responses. The media continued with a 25-city radio tour, great local NPR interviews, such as KQED’s Forum and KERA’s Think!, and tons of wonderful online hits, including the Washington PostThe Daily Burn, The Daily Om, and Big Think. To see Kelly in print, head over to a magazine stand and check out this month’s Redbook, Self, Spirituality & Health, and ELLE magazine, who’s glowing review said that “McGonigal’s new book is a crucial pushback against the pervasive view that stress is a buzz and body-killer best eradicated from our lives.” Still to come throughout the month, keep an eye out for Kelly on The Dr. Oz Show, PBS’sBetween the Lines, People’s Pharmacy radio, in The Wall Street Journal, and much more. Going forward, Avery hopes you feel much more capable of embracing stress, and helps make you more resilient.