Lewis Dartnell, one of the brightest young scientists of his generation, proposes in his new book, The Knowledge: How to Rebuild Our World From Scratch, that the key to preserving civilization in an apocalyptic scenario is to provide a quick-start guide, adapted to cataclysmic circumstances. If our technological society collapsed tomorrow, perhaps from a viral pandemic or catastrophic asteroid impact, what would be the one book you would want to press into the hands of the post-apocalyptic survivors? What crucial knowledge would they need to survive in the immediate aftermath and to rebuild civilization as quickly as possible—a guide for rebooting the world? The Knowledge is that book. The New Yorker named it “a book to watch out for in April.” The New York Times Sunday Review published an opinion essay by Lewis Dartnell. There is also a review of The Knowledge in The Wall Street Journal, a feature story in The Boston Globe, and a spotlight interview in Kirkus. Online features will appear in, The Long Now, The Awl, The Morning News, and BoingBoing. Dartnell will be a guest on WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Show on April 24, and he will complete a 20-city radio satellite tour on April 30. He will host a Reddit AMA on May 1.