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Author Access with Jake Marcionette

  1. What is your favorite part of your Skype visits with JUST JAKE readers?
My favorite part of Skype visits is definitely taking questions and talking with other kids. I love getting feedback on the book and hearing about their dreams and what they are passionate about. Last year I had a Skype visit with a class in Australia and it was great to get their impression of Just Jake.  Evidently, Alexis is a big hit in “DOWN UNDER”.  
  1. How do you typically format your Skype visits with classrooms and libraries?
I do a brief introduction and then go into how I developed my passion for writing. Then I discuss getting a literary agent, book deal and everything involved with publishing Just Jake #1. From there I delve into my Seeking Awesomeness project and the blueprint for success at any age. My goal is to inspire other kids and motivate them to seek out their own passion and let them know they are never too young to follow their dreams and achieve greatness.  
  1. How has your life in school changed since your books have come out?
My English teachers are tougher on me! In a good way. They expect more in my writing and push me to explore new styles and varying tones. I am very fortunate to have supportive teachers actively encouraging my development.  
  1. What words of advice do you have for aspiring young writers?
The best advice I can give is write about what you know. I don’t write about espionage, love triangles or vampires because that stuff isn’t in my wheelhouse. If you live and breathe it, the writing process is more fluid and enjoyable.  
  1. What’s the biggest lesson that you think readers can take away from JUST JAKE?
Believe in yourself. Jake Ali Mathews isn’t the biggest, smartest or most athletic kid. But, what he does have is heart and I hope his never-say-die attitude inspires my readers. Even if they have a diabolical big sister out to get them!  

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