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Ben Stiller's Night at the Museum featured The Complete Idiot's Guide series as guides to help out the hapless security guard.

Roshumba Williams, author of Complete Idiot's Guide Being A Model, Second Edition, appears in Oxygen's new hairstyling competition show, "Tease" which premiered on January 10th.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Walt Disney World:

"We bought two books, this one and the Official Guide. This book was by far so much better than the official book. It doesn't overplan and provides reviews for every age group as well as tells the truth about some of the rides. (the official guide painted a rosie picture of everything which turned out to be not true). It was very helpful with telling us when to go and what times of the year to avoid. We took our children and grandchildren so it was so helpful to have honest reviews of things to do and skip. With so much to do there, it was great to have someone map out what was appropriate. The cards in the back of the book were so helpful once we were in the park to reference what we had decided to do and not to do. I highly recommend this book!!!!"

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