Sci-Fi and Fantasy
The Scourge of God
Ginjer Buchanan

Editor Ginjer Buchanan fills us in on the newest book in "The Change" series.

It's September, and that means a new S. M. Stirling novel from Roc! Stirling's multi-book account of how the Northwest corner of the United States responded to the cataclysmic event that came to be called "The Change" (an electromagnetic pulse of unknown origin that rendered all technology inoperative) has grown in popularity from year to year. Now, in The Scourge of God, young Rudi Mackenzie, one of the generation who grew up after The Change, continues his journey eastward—a journey during which he encounters men and women who have taken far different paths to survive...

The author too is off on a journey this month—his first ever signing tour for The Scourge of God and the mass market of The Sunrise Lands.

Click here for tour details, and be sure to come out to meet him and ask him just exactly what that pulse was all about. (But I warn you—he won't tell!)