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Welcome to the May 2003 edition of the DAW online newsletter. An exciting month here at DAW, as we've got the release of a brand-new Tad Williams book! Yes, THE WAR OF THE FLOWERS is out, and Publishers Weekly says about it: "travel into another dimension is a popular fantasy ploy, but it is rarely accomplished with such humor, terror and even logic as in this stand-alone by bestseller Williams." Also exciting is the release of Tanya Huff's LONG HOT SUMMONING, the latest in her Keeper's Chronicle series, a book we know many of you have been waiting for. (The rest of you: why haven't you been waiting? These are great booksreally funny, with a bit of romance, a bit of horror, and talking cats.) This month we've also got the paperback release of the DAW 30th Anniversary anthologies, with stories from a galaxy of genre stars. Check them out below. And if you have any questions, send them to us at

New Releases

May New Releases

The War of the FlowersTHE WAR OF THE FLOWERS
Tad Williams

Theo Vilmos' life is about to take a real turn for the worse. Not that it was ever that greatspending the last decade of his life as a singer in a succession of not-terribly-successful Northern California rock bands isn't exactly a dream come true. But what can Theo do? When his girlfriend Cat gets pregnant, it seems like it's time to give up his irresponsible dreams and settle down. Until now, Theo has always skated through lifegetting by on good looks and charm but short on accomplishments, never quite fitting in. The only place that he's ever felt truly right, the only world to which he's ever really belonged, was onstage, enveloped in music, singing his heart out. But isn't that a pretty immature way for a thirty-year-old to feel? Now Cat is pregnant and things are going to change big time. Theo will be forced to change, too. So maybe this is a good thingjust what he needs.

But, as Theo discovers, he hasn't hit bottom yet, not by a long shot. He soon finds himself alone, heartbroken, and plagued by a recurring nightmareand he can't shake the feeling that these bad things are happening to him for a reason. When he comes across a mysterious old letter from his grandmother's brother, a man named Eamonn Dowd, and with it the key to a safe deposit box, he decides to investigate. What he finds is an old handwritten book.

Seeking solace and escape in a cabin in the woods, Theo begins to read his great-uncle's book and quickly becomes mesmerized. Dowd writes of another worldthe world of Faeriebut it is nothing like the familiar fairyland of childhood stories. Caught up in the book's compelling tale, Theo begins to hear strange sounds and experience odd fears. Then one night, all his fears manifest when a horrifying thing tries to break through his front doora terrible hunting-spirit in the body of a dead man. Terrified and trapped, Theo is saved only by the intervention of a tiny, foul-mouthed, winged sprite named Applecore, who transports him through a surreal portal into the realm of Faerie. But this fairyland is even darker and more bizarrely modern than Eamonn Dowd had described, similar to the mortal world and yet dangerously different, and although he can't imagine why, there are creatures in it who intend Theo Vilmos serious harm.

Chased by corpselike cave trolls and even more frightening monsters, at the mercy of immortal creatures whose personal and political affiliations are bafflingly unclear, and with only the reluctant sprite Applecore for a guide, Theo begins a journey that will lead him from the palace-towers of the most powerful and treacherous of the fair folk to the camps of rebel goblins and still stranger places, on a search for the true meaning of his lifebefore those who seek him can cut it mercilessly short.

0-7564-0205-0 (1255) $24.95 ($37.50 in Canada)

(The Keeper's Chronicles, #3)
Tanya Huff

It started on the last day of high schoola day Diana Hansen had been anticipating all year. Now her real life could begin, for Diana, like her sister Claire, was a Keepergifted with the ability to reweave the possibilities of time and space to maintain the balance between Light and Darkness. What neither Diana nor Samformerly an angel, now Diana's talking catcould have anticipated was that her first Summons as an active Keeper would be to a shopping mall! But a quick trip to the Erlking's Emporium mall in Kingston confirmed Diana's worst suspicions. Not only was Darkness trying to stage a takeover from the Otherside, but if Diana didn't bring in reinforcements, her first Summons might well be her last. Claire and Austinwho'd always been a cat and had little tolerance for cat wanna-bes like Samwere only too ready to take on the "older and wiser" roles. But neither the Keepers nor their cats were prepared for what they found when they tried to cross from their world to the Otherside mall....

0-7564-0136-4 (1256) $6.99 ($9.99 in Canada)

DAW Books celebrated its 30th Anniversary in 2002. In honor of that anniversary, DAW Publishers Betsy Wollheim and Sheila Gilbert asked the authors published by DAW throughout its history if they would like to contribute a new story for a special commemorative anthology. The response was so overwhelming that the contributions had to be published in two volumes, which feature many of DAW's best-selling writers of fantasy and science fiction from the past thirty years.

Edited by Elizabeth R. Wollheim & Sheila E. GilbertJulie E. Czerneda

Brian Stableford
Robert Sheckley
Timothy Zahn
Ian Watson
Charles Ingrid
Kate Elliott
Brian W. Aldiss
Neal Barrett, Jr.
Frederik Pohl
Charles L. Harness
Cheryl J. Franklin
S. Andrew Swann
Julie E. Czerneda
Ron Goulart
C. J. Cherryh
Tad Williams
C. S. Friedman
eluki bes shahar
Lisanne Norman
Daw Science Fiction Anthology

0-7564-0137-2 (1221) $6.99

Edited by Elizabeth R. Wollheim & Sheila E. Gilbert

Andre Norton
Christopher Stasheff
Mickey Zucker Reichert
Deborah J. Ross
Marjorie B. Kellogg
Fiona Patton
Michael Shea
Jennifer Roberson
Tanya Huff
Larry Dixon
Jane Fancher
Kristen Britain
Tanith Lee
Mercedes Lackey
Melanie Rawn
Irene Radford
Michelle West
Lynn Abbey
Fantasy Anthology

0-7564-0138-0 (1222) $6.99


Upcoming Releases:

June 2003
ZANDRU'S FORGE (The Clingfire Trilogy, Vol. 2) by Marion Zimmer Bradley & Deborah J. Ross (hardcover)
THE CURSE OF ARKADY (Magickers #2)
by Emily Drake (first time in paperback)
by Billie Sue Mosiman
edited by Mike Resnick and Martin H. Greenberg

July 2003
WILD MAGIC (Fool's Gold, Book 2) by Jude Fisher (hardcover)
THE DRAGON GUARD (Magickers #3) by Emily Drake (hardcover)
SORCERY RISING (Fool's Gold, Book 1) by Jude Fisher (first time in paperback
THE RIVEN SHIELD (The Sun Sword, Vol 5) by Michelle West
SPACE, INC. edited by Julie E. Czerneda

August 2003
FIRST RIDER'S CALL by Kristen Britain (hardcover)
STARS: Original Stories based on the Songs of Janis Ian
edited by Janis Ian and Mike Resnick (Hardcover)
THE LOST DRAGONS OF BARAKHAI by Mickey Zucker Reichert (first time in paperback)
SWORD & SORCERESS XX edited by Marion Zimmer Bradley

September 2003
GATES OF HEAVEN by Curt Benjamin (hardcover)
by Curt Benjamin (first time in paperback)
by C.J. Cherryh (omnibus of Brothers of Earth, Hunter of Worlds)
THE SORCERER'S ACADEMY edited by Denise Little

October 2003
EXILE'S VALOR by Mercedes Lackey (hardcover)
EXILE'S HONOR by Mercedes Lackey (first time in paperback)
INHERITANCE (Keys of Power, #1) by Simon Brown
THE REPENTANT edited by Brian Thompsen and Martin H. Greenberg

November 2003
THE DEVIL'S ARMOR by John Marco (hardcover)
EXPLORER by C.J. Cherryh (first time in paperback)
THE BOOK OF AIR (The Dragon Quartet, Volume Four) by Marjorie B. Kellogg
MEN WRITING SCIENCE FICTION AS WOMEN edited by Mike Resnick and Martin Greenberg

December 2003
SUN IN GLORY (A Valdemar Anthology) by Mercedes Lackey
A WORLD DIVIDED (Darkover Omnibus V) by Marion Zimmer Bradley (The Bloody Sun; The Winds of Darkover; Star of Danger)

News and Features

The DAW Feature

Welcome to a new feature here at the DAW online newsletter: Three Questions With (Enter name here). We think it will be interesting, fun, informative, and certainly easier on the poor DAW editor who has to come up with new and interesting copy every month. In this inaugural month, we grilled two authors, Tad Williams and Tanya Huff.

Three Quick Questions With Tad Williams

DAW:You've got a new book, THE WAR OF THE FLOWERS, out this month. It says on the jacket: Complete in One Volume. What's up with that? Let's face it, you're not the most laconic of writers...

Tad:I TRIED to write more volumes, but my publishers wouldn't let me. They sent armed guards to remove the manuscript. No, actually I always intended this story would be only a single volume. That's what it felt like when I first thought of it, and that's what it proved to be. I'm pleased about that, since it means when someone says to me, "I'd like to try reading one of your books" I have another one to recommend that actually ends in a single book. Giving someone in that situation OTHERLAND or the DRAGONBONE CHAIR books is like taking a kid who wants to buy a telescope and forcing him to join the space program.

DAW:You're working on the novelization of Shadowmarch, your online project, now. What's it like trying to unite these different media?

Tad:The online story version was text, just like a novel, so they're not tremendously different that wayit's not the same as having to turn a film or a comic into a book. The one thing that's requiring some work is that I was writing this first volume's worth of material on a deadline, every two weeks, and as a result I think there are places where I didn't have the time to go as deep into description and worldbuilding as I'd have liked. I'm going to remedy some of that for the novel version, I hope. I may even add a new plotline or two...!

DAW:What are your three favorite movies? Okay, it's a random question, but I'm in a movie mood, with the summer movie season beginning.

Tad:Of all time? That's always difficult. Where do "Casablanca" or "Citizen Kane," or "The Wizard of Oz" fit into the whole thing? "The Godfather?" "Taxi Driver," "Chinatown," or "Raging Bull?" I've seen them all a zillion times and I love them all. But I also love "White Christmas," but would be embarrassed to put it on any list because it's so schlocky. But there are more recent films I've only seen a few times, by comparison, that I also love: "The Tin Drum," "Dangerous Liaisons," and most of Baz Luhrmann's films. I liked the LORD OF THE RINGS films, too, and I look forward to the last one. And then there's "Duck Soup," and "The Bank Dick," and "My Fair Lady," and "The Music Man," and "Sleeper," and... and... Did I mention "Amarcord?"

DAW:Not previously, Tad. (I have heard that Tad's favorite movie is actually "Spaceballs," not "Citizen Kane." Don't worry, Tad, I'll keep your secret...) And now on to:

Three Quick Questions With Tanya Huff

DAW:New Summoning book out this month! Cool! Okay, this isn't a question so farso, uh, what's going on in the Keeper's world?

Tanya:Well, Diana's dealing with her first Summons as a full Keeper; a Summons so big she can't handle it alone and has had to go to Claire for help. Meanwhile, back at the Guest House, Dean has metaphysical problems of his own. ("I'm sure you and your mother will enjoy your stay. Oh, not mother...mummy.") As always, Sam and Austin are the real heroes.

DAW:We hear there's a Blood books spinoff in your future. Is this true?

Tanya:Yes it is. I'm spinning Tony off into his own three book series. (Aieeee, trilogy!) He works as a production assistant for a straight-to-syndication television series called DARKEST NIGHT and gets tossed into one scary end-of-the-world scenario after another. Henry was to have a small part in book one but it seems to be...expanding. So far, no sign of either Vicki or Mike Celluci but I'm not ruling out an appearance in one of the later books. Not promising anything either, mind you.

DAW:What are your three favorite movies?

Tanya:Three? I have to pick three? Okay, currently, and this is changes with my mood, the weather, and how much caffeine I've no particular order, and considering both Harry Potter and LoTR as one long movie split into parts: "Harry Potter"; "The Lord of the Rings"; and "The Mummy." (The first Mummy movie was brilliantly fun. The second was...not. Don't get me started.) Although, I also love "Brassed Off," "Moulin Rouge," and "Evita." And I am extremely fond of "Men With Brooms," "George of the Jungle," and "Shanghai Noon." (Again, the second movie, not so much...although more than the second Mummy movie which blows chunks. Really, don't get me started.) "X-Men," "The Matrix," and "Stargate" are also frequently replayed around here. Uh...these are clumps of three. That counts, right?

DAW:"Men with Brooms?" How very...Canadian...of you, Tanya. And "George of the Jungle?" Well, Brendan Fraser is nearly naked through most of the movie, so I understand. Mmmmm...Brendan Fraser....


Anyway, check back next month for more excitement, mayhem and semi-nudity. And as always, you can reach us at

Debra Euler
Managing Editor
DAW Books