Ways to Donate to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation®

As you consider becoming involved with The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, the following testimonials from BCRF-funded researchers highlight the urgency of their mission:


"[BCRF's] awards support leaders in translational science and assume that they will be able to best dispense the funds. This is invaluable. Most grants require a year's lead time before ideas can be funded. The BCRF funds allow you to plan ideas a few months ahead, and are flexible in support. The awards also come with the promise of continuity to explore new ideas as they arise. I also really appreciate the annual awards ceremony and the expression of thanks to the scientists. We don't often get that and it really is rewarding and inspiring to see that people appreciate us, even if we don't come up with all of the answers. It is an expression of thanks for the efforts we put forward to try to find answers."

— Laura J. Esserman, MD
Director, Carole Franc Buck Breast Cancer Center,
University of California at San Francisco
"The impact [of BCRF funding] has been enormous. We have undertaken a project that is 'capital-intensive' and that would not have received federal funding because of its perceived risky nature. This project then progressed to the point where it was no longer viewed as risky, and the federal government funds a portion of it (although not near its true costs.) The clinical value of our goals, which we expect to complete within the year, should be enormous."

— Michael Wigler, PhD
Principal Investigator, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

You can help eradicate breast cancer from the lives of women and families everywhere by supporting The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, whose mission is to achieve prevention and a cure for breast cancer in our lifetime by providing clinical and translational research at leading medical centers worldwide.

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Matching Gifts:
Many organizations offer to match charitable donations made by their employees to charitable organizations. Ask the corporate donations officer or your human resources department if your company participates, and if so, fill out an application form. Multiply the impact of your gift! Even if your company doesn't have a program, you might be able to take advantage of the matching gift program of a parent, subsidiary or affiliate company.