The Blue Rider

, or in German, Der Blaue Reiter, was an iconoclastic 20th Century movement in music and painting now seen as a driving force of modern art. Established in Munich, Germany in 1911, The Blue Rider was a loose association of painters determined to promote individual expression and break free of any conventional artistic restraints.

Blue Rider Press, an imprint of Penguin Group (USA), was launched in January 2011 and publishes an eclectic mix of hardcover fiction and nonfiction titles, reflecting President and Publisher David Rosenthal's wide range of interests, including suspense fiction, popular biography, literary novels, humor, music, and contemporary politics.

Blue Rider Press Authors

James I. Baker
Nicholson Baker
Jeff Bridges
James Carville
Richard M. Cohen
Wayne Coffey
Stephen Dau
Carlos Dews
R.A Dickey
Stephen Dobyns
Simon Doonan
Damien Echols
Chris Elliott
Delia Ephron
ESPN (publishing partner)
Ezra Elia
Miriam Elia
Hampton Fancher
Bernie Glassman
Gary Greenberg
Stan Greenberg
Michael Hastings
Martin Hickman
Penn Jillette
Bettye LaVette
M.A. Lawson
Mark Leibovich
Terry Lenzner
David Letterman
Gigi Levangie
Sarah Lovett
Stephanie Mack
Bill Maher
David Mark
Mary Matalin
Bruce McCall
George McGovern
David Milgrim
Ric Ocasek
Rob Patronite
Valerie Plame
Robin Raisfeld
Peter Richmond
David Ritz
Eileen Rockefeller
Carne Ross
S.J. Rozan
Ben Schott
Leanne Shapton
Dave Sheinin
David Shields
Marisa Silver
Jon Steele
Brian D. Sweany
Jean Thompson
Mike Tyson
Bruce Wagner
Tom Watson
Mary Williams
Gene Wojciechowski
Neil Young

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