Benefits of Crystals

Crystals have long been celebrated for their beauty and luster. The elaborate, cut crystal chandeliers that adorn many fine homes attest to that. We celebrate crystals for their beauty; some, such as the diamond, are prized for their rarity as well. There are those who argue that the beauty of crystals would be diminished if they were as common as sand on a beach.

A portion of the beauty of crystals comes from the symmetry formed by the arrangement of their atoms, the most celebrated of which is their reflective nature. People have assigned properties to crystals (which some consider folklore) dating back to the days when it was believed that exposure to extreme cold caused them to form into permanently frozen ice rock crystals.

The Commonality Among Crystals    to top

Although this is a statement that would probably cause a diamond merchant to drop his loop, common clear quartz and other crystals share something in common with the most precious gemstones: They emit essentially the same energy field. All can be programmed and empowered to help you. Whether you wear crystals in the form of beads strung on silk cord or carry them as an amulet, the benefits can be the same. Keep in mind that some believe that metals inhibit some of the healing and positive properties of crystals; you'll have to be the judge of whether or not you gain benefits by wearing your crystals as mounted jewels that adorn your body.

Crystal Clues
Kirlian photography, a form of photography that shows energy fields, has been used to show the auras that surround crystals.

Clearing Your Crystals    to top

Once you acquire the crystals in the form and color that you believe will be of benefit to you, you want to ensure there are no leftover negative energies in the crystals. You do this by clearing them. The easiest way to clear crystals is to clean them using a mild detergent and then immerse them in water until they are free of soap. Some swear by the practice of using running water. Use your own instincts as you develop the methods that work best for you. Once you feel your crystals are cleared, pat them dry with a soft towel. Use a soft cloth, such as flannel, to buff them if necessary.

Programming a Crystal    to top

In a manner similar to the practice of positive thinking, you direct positive energies toward your crystals. Some hold their crystals in a closed fist, close their eyes, and repeat chants or affirmations. Alternatively, you can form a vision in your mind's eye that creates an image of what you want to occur.

The Color Healing System    to top

Many simply associate various crystals and minerals with their healing colors. Eastern cultures associate colors to what they refer to as the various energy centers of the body, known as chakras. Each chakra has a primary associated color as well as secondary colors. Once you know these color associations, you can provide benefits to specific areas of the body by associating each with the corresponding colors of the crystals or minerals.

Crystal Cluest
A chakra is one of seven energy centers in the body, starting with the root chakra, located at the base of the spine, and ending at the crown chakra, located at the top of the head.

The seven major chakras and their associated primary and secondary colors are:

  • 1. Root (base of the spine, front of the tailbone): red; black, brown, and gray
  • 2. Sacral (navel): orange; all various other shades of orange
  • 3. Solar Plexus: yellow; other shades of yellow
  • 4. Heart: green and shades of green; pink
  • 5. Throat: light blue, aqua, or turquoise; various shades of lighter blues
  • 6. Third Eye (forehead or brow): indigo; various shades of dark blue
  • 7. Crown (top of the head): violet; shades of purple, colorless (clear), or white

The colors of the chakra correspond to those in the rainbow.

Crystal Clues
Studies have shown that color can be used to create or alter certain emotions or moods.

Putting Crystals into Practice    to top

One theory is that gemstone therapy works as a means to strengthen the body because crystals have their own distinct vibrational frequencies. The vibrations within the aura of the crystal, when placed next to you, cause your own aura's vibrational rate to change.

This theory asserts that holding a crystal or moving it slowly over the area of your body on which you wish to concentrate its energies will promote healing in that area. For example, moving a crystal over a painful knee is said to lessen the pain—something that can easily be done between conventional medical treatments. This practice gives you a proactive step in between your visits to the doctor. (Who cares if it is a placebo effect if it works?)

Crystal Clues
If you choose to wear your crystals mounted in jewelry, remember that gold is considered masculine and more assertive because it is ruled by the sun; silver is said to be ruled by the moon and therefore feminine.

Whether you believe crystals are a healing gift from the "universal spirit" or some other deity, something we can all agree on is that crystals—whether found as beads, faceted stones, cabochons, or in their natural state—are a beautiful gift from nature.

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