Dressing Right for Your Body

Hey, we all don't have Christina Aguilera's body. But that doesn't mean that we all can't dress with style. The key to looking good in your garb is minimizing body flaws while maximizing your hot spots. The girl who can wear a tube top with prowess may not be able to wear the matching skirt. You know what I'm saying? So whether you dress preppy, punk, Gothic, goody, or drop-dead sexy, we got the tips to keep the guys looking your way and the hip-o-meter on high. Check out how to dress right for a few body flaws.

Short Legs Got More Reason to Live    to top

Do you dream of supermodel legs because you don't possess great, long gams? Guess whatyou can play David Copperfield and, like magic, elongate your legs by wearing the latest styles. Slim, cropped and capri pants actually visually lengthen the leg. Just make sure not to buy any cuffed pants or pleated leggingsboth stylistic elements will make your legs look shorter.

Body Shop: Here's the long and short of it: Whatever leggy lengths you go to, high heels always provide a little extra height.

Baby Got Back    to top

No matter how much Sir Mix-a -Lot sings about the benefits of a big butt, a big butt and wide hips really aren't the favorite attribute of most young women. One way to make sure your bottom doesn't back up to homeroom during a rally, is by buying pants without pockets. Back pockets emphasize your booty, while side pockets draw attention to your hips. So avoid them. Instead, opt for wide-legged, pocketless pants, which give the effect of a smaller bottom. According to sophomore Armond, he loves it when the babes wear smooth, cheek-hugging pants without pockets. "It looks hot, man!" says Armond. Also, for those of you with wide hips, don't hug 'em with short jackets. If the jacket hits the hip, you'll look wider.

Back in Black    to top

If you're looking for clothes to slim you all over, opt for a dark monochrome line in your attire. Wear only one color. Choose skirts and shirts in the same color. One long line of navy, black, brown, charcoal, or even hunter green will slim you all over.

Body Talk: If you have any concerns at all about looking heavy, avoid big, wide belts; they'll make you look chunky even if you aren't.

Abs (Ain't) of Steel    to top

Stop fretting over your tummy. With a few simple tricks, your belly will disappear. First of all, don't buy anything defined at the waistno drawstrings, belts, or patterns right at your midsection. I know. How many pants at the Gap rely upon a drawstring? Virtually all of them? But your goal is to get all eyes away from that area. Purchase pants with a flat front. No pockets, zippers, or decorations. They'll all accentuate your stomach. Straight and slim skirts actually narrow the look of your lower body and will give the illusion of an overall slimmer you. And even a fuller skirtas long as it does not gather at the waistwill also diminish your tummy.

Basketball Tall    to top

Most people usually associate tall with glamorousespecially in girls. But what about feeling too tall? Plenty of teens wish they could crop a few inches from their height. If you're one of them, here's what to do: Break a few fashion rules. Wear horizontal stripes, cuffed pants, and blocks of colorall things that will trim the appearance of your height. Lucky you, too. Tall girls can slip on flats rather than high heels and still garner attention for the great legs.

Body Talk: Stand up straight! No matter what you may perceive as flaws in your shape, standing up straight tucks in the tummy, showcases the bust and generally makes for a more glamorous you. Slouching will only make you frumpy!

Too Much of a Good Bust    to top What girl doesn't want to possess a fabulous front side? But when you've been blessed with too much of a good thing, you may yearn to cover up. Don't necessarily hide behind super-loose blouses that conceal everything. Just don't wear too tight T-shirts and smaller-than-your-size clothing. Tailored shirts and tops work best for big-busted girls.

Almost Arnold Swartzenegger Arms    to top

Okay, so you don't have arms like Arnold, or even close, but who does? Not to worry, there are many ways to look great without bulging biceps. In the winter and when weather permits, you can cover up in sweaters and long sleeve shirts. And remember, not too tight, but a comfortable loose fit. And in the summer, opt for short, loose sleeves that drape just above your elbow or a little shorter. And if you actually DO have buff biceps, then show them off in a tank (or whatever you prefer) and don't sweat it.

Not everyone is model perfect. But by dressing to accommodate some of your flaws, you'll show off the best you have to offer and feel great doing it!

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