It's a Date!

Homecoming. Junior Prom. Saturday night. What do they have in common? A date. Oftentimes, if you don't have a date for a major dance or a weekend party, you might as well relegate yourself to watching old Star Trek reruns with Dad!

Fear not. So you can move from dateless to dating, we found these tried and tested tips from other teenagers:

Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All About You    to top

Step numero uno in getting his or her attention is getting to know all about the object of your affection. This "investigative" approach helps you determine "date compatibility." "Suppose you chat with him and learn that he loves to bowl and hates to dance, but you hate to bowl and love to dance. Why would you even want to date someone who doesn't like the same things that you do?" questions junior Amy Cinnamon. Freshman Diandra Pereda, however, uses the information she gleans as "reconnaissance," and says, "I talk to him for a while and see what he likes. If he likes going to parties, and I find out about a party, I'll say 'Hey, there's a party this weekend, wanna go?'"

Got Friends?    to top

Too intimidated to strike up a conversation with that special guy or gal? Start talking to his friends, and they'll probably tell you all about their buddy. Get to know her girlfriends, and they'll probably share the quickest way to her heart. By making company with the friends, you make yourself noticed as part of their crowd. You're also more likely to earn the date if his pals give you a thumb's-up!

Close Encounter of the Touching Kind    to top

Too shy to start a conversation with her, let alone her girlfriends? Use body language. Show your interest in her through the casual touch. When she turns around to pass back the chemistry test, start a chemical reaction by lightly touching her arm as you take the paper—instant combustion! Anything that adds some contact will get you noticed and garner you a better chance at a date.

I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty    to top

Take extra time to look your best. Wake up a little earlier and fix your hair. Wear perfume or cologne to school. Stand out as a "knockout" around the person you want to date, and even if he or she never asks you out, you'll feel good about yourself—and possibly attract someone else who ends up asking you out!

Just Do It!    to top

Often, getting the date means asking for it. You may be nervous, but you've got to project confidence. "If you lack confidence," says junior Robert Caputo, "you won't get a date." So ask confidently, with a straightforward approach, such as, "Would you like to go to the Sadie Hawkins dance with me?" "Don't make it a big deal," advises junior Kirby Lemos. "Then, depending upon the answer, either make plans together or move on and don't worry about it," finishes Robert.

Finally, if all these tips seem too forward for you, warm up to the idea of one-on-one dating by doing the group thing first. There's no pressure—just fun with your friends. And amazingly, when you least expect it, you'll probably get asked out!

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