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One of our most anticipated Penguin Classics The Mayflower Papers, the companion to the New York Times bestseller Mayflower by Nathaniel Philbrick. The father-and-son team of Thomas Philbrick and Nathaniel Philbrick have selected and edited some of the most riveting and poignant accounts of colonial New England, giving us the Pilgrims in their own words. Here, Thomas Philbrick shares a special discovery as he worked on The Mayflower Papers:

In assembling and preparing the selections for The Mayflower Papers, I was surprised by the power and poignancy of Edward Winslow's Good News from New England. Despite years of teaching and research in the field of early American literature, I was unfamiliar with Winslow's work and delighted to discover how appropriate it was to the controlling intention of the Papers, the depiction of the changing responses of the first English settlers of New England to the Native Americans into whose world they had intruded. No document brings that collision of cultures more intimately and immediately before a modern reader than Winslow's brief narrative of his journey with a single companion to the headquarters of the great Massasoit and his improvised efforts to save the life of the desperately ill chieftain. Winslow's experience, with its mutual recognition of a common humanity, becomes all the more poignant in light of the succeeding selections, which chart the fading of that recognition as cooperation gives way to conflict and domination.

—Thomas Philbrick

The Mayflower Papers
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