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for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is February 14th. If you're a literary lover in search of that ideal companion, Penguin Classics can help you find your match.

Are you brooding, mysterious, wild? Seeking soul mate to roam the moors with. Uncertain parentage a plus.
Contact: ghostlover

Second sister wants challenging mate for sharp conversation, strolls around parklands. I donÕt mind the rain and mud if you donÕt.
Contact: girl2.5

Passionate society woman has bold, rebellious side that aches for adventure and fulfillment with man in uniform. Meet me on the train for the ride of your life!
Contact: AKV

Feeling self-conscious about your physical attributes—or lack thereof? Looking for a meeting of the minds? Former prodigy seeks pen pal for intellectual and spiritual stimulation.
Contact: theAbbess

Can you keep a secret? Bored housewife seeking friendship, romance, with possibility for more.
Contact: mrsbee

Remember me? Your appearance at the opera caused quite a stir. But IÕm intrigued. If you are too, shall we rendezvous?
Contact: bow&arrowman

Educated, dutiful, religious young woman promised to another, but interested in adventure! You may have a reputation, but I canÕt resist you!
Contact: conventschoolgirl

Former Little Rock girl seeking gennerous gentleman with big rocks for lifelong sparkling romance. I mean I love tiaras, ocean travel, philosophizing, and being taken care of.
Contact: LLdiarist25

Bi-curious man seeks physically perfect, long-haired boy of around 14 for Venetian escapade.
Contact: queenoftheadriatic

You: my Cossack: cruel, capricious, tall, voluptuous, female despot. (Fur a BIG plus!) Me: your slave. Care to tangle?
Contact: whippingboy

Anna Karenina
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