The Story
John Slocum is a crack shot, with a fiery temper and no shortage of courage.

Born in Calhoun County, Georgia, in the 1840s to an abolitionist farmer, Slocum grew up fast and was a natural shot, firing the old flintlock that his daddy carried in the Mexican War. As a young man he was a sharpshooter in the Confederate army, and he lost his brother Robert at Gettysburg. He was commissioned as a captain and fought with Quantrill's Raiders, a band of pro-Confederacy guerrillas known for their skills with guns...and their brutality. When he protested their practices, Slocum was shot and barely survived to return home after the war. What he found was a farm with livestock running loose and crops badly in need of care, and he vowed to make the family home strong again. That is, until a money-grubbing judge tried to swindle Slocum out of the farm, and ended up six feet under. Knowing that being a judge-killer meant an instant warrant for his own death, Slocum set fire to his home and barns and struck out West, destined to forever be a wanted man.

Now, he rides wherever chance takes him, evading the law, following his own code, setting women's hearts afire, and making a name for himself as a man to be reckoned with.

The Man
  • During the Civil War, he fought in a Confederate guerilla group with Clay Younger, Bloody Bill Anderson, Frank and Jesse James, and against Union gunfighter Wild Bill Hickok.
  • Though not as well-known as Billy the Kid or Wyatt Earp, somehow wherever he goes, someone will have heard of him.
  • Any lawman worth his salt will buy Slocum a drink when he rides into town—a sloppy lawman won't hear he's in town.
  • He smokes Havana cigars when he can, and quirlies when he's down on his luck.
  • He's a tried-and-true whiskey drinker.
  • He prefers to ride Appaloosas.
  • Slocum often uses the same type of ebony-handled Colt Navy .31-caliber revolvers he carried when riding with Quantrill's Raiders.
  • He rode with Custer on his expeditions in the Dakotas, gambled with Doc Holliday in Denver, trapped among the Blackfeet in the Rockies, and has had adventures of every stripe up and down the West.
  • He tries to avoid wearing a badge, and above all treasures his freedom.
  • He only shoots people who deserve it.

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