Featured in May
Cover of White Woman on the Green Bicycle

“Heart-rending and thought-provoking, you will never again see the Caribbean as just another holiday destination.” —Elle (UK)

Photo of author Monique Roffey

White Woman on the Green Bicycle

By Monique Roffey

On sale May 3, 2011

Trinidad, 1956: English couple George and Sabine Harwood arrive just as the island is gaining independence. In the turbulent political climate, they will forge new identities that will test the strength of their marriage.

Short-listed for the 2010 Orange Prize.

Contact: Rebecca Lang 212-366-2754

“Roffey's evocation of Trinidad is extraordinarily vivid, the central relationship beautifully observed.”
—The Times (London)

Featured in June
Cover of Good Neighbors

“A terrific debut … A wonderfully visual book—the effect is of watching, unseen, through a dozen different windows as Jahn switches from one scenario to the next. Powerful, compassionate and authentic, it works both as a mystery and as a snapshot of America in the early 1960s.”
—The Guardian (UK)

Photo of author Ryan David Jahn

Photo Credit: Noel Bass

Good Neighbors

By Ryan David Jahn

On sale May 31, 2011

Winner of the Crime Writers Association debut novel prize

Does anyone remember Kitty Genovese?

Inspired by her real-life murder, Los Angeles-based debut author Ryan David Jahn takes us on a chilling journey into the lives of Kitty's neighbors who sat by and did nothing on that infamous night in 1964.

Contact: Meghan Fallon 212-366-2338

“A striking first novel … It contains genuine insights into the way people act under pressure.” —The Sunday Times (UK)

Featured in July
Cover of Love Child

“Her work is both spare and sensuous—understated and fraught with tension… involving the reader intensely in the narrative” —Joyce Carol Oates, author of We Were the Mulvaneys

Photo of author Sheila Kohler

Love Child: A Novel

By Sheila Kohler

On sale June 28, 2011

LOVE CHILD: A Novel is the enthralling new work from award winning author of Becoming Jane Eyre, Sheila Kohler. A forbidden marriage, a baby lost and a love triangle gone horribly wrong, LOVE CHILD is the compelling story of Bill, a young South African woman, whose life is defined by two singular decisions and the apartheid-era, class driven society in which she lives.

—Kohler is the recipient of two O.Henry Prizes, an Open Fiction Award, and a Willa Cather Prize

—Kohler will be on tour this July

Contact: Meredith Burks 212-366-2274

“Sheila Kohler's prose smokes and burns like a fire that cannot be put out and that suddenly leaps into all-devouring flame. She has all the gifts of a natural story-teller—a passionate interest in human motives, an eidetic recall of period and place, and a sense of the shape of a tale unfolding in the fullness of time.” —Edmund White

Featured in August
Cover of Stories For The Nighttime And Some For The Day

“These tales are hilarious and vertiginous in the calmly absurd manner of Lydia Davis, Jack Handey and Etgar Keret. With his first book, Ben Loory proves he's already a master of the sleight of hand.” —Stewart O'Nan, author of Emily, Alone and Last Night at the Lobster

Photo of author Ben Loory

Stories For The Nighttime And Some For The Day

By Ben Loory

On sale July 26, 2011

This debut collection of mind-bending short stories and fables vibrates with extraordinary strangeness and mystery. With their stripped and finely-tuned prose, the tales are populated by people—and monsters and aliens and animals and inanimate objects—motivated by familiar emotions of fear, desire, and the consequence of action. This collection will make you see the world in a whole new way—the way you did a long time ago, before you grew up and closed your eyes.

—Loory's short story “The TV” appeared in the New Yorker

—His short story “Photographs” was a finalist in the Glimmer Train Short Story Award for New Writers contest

Contact: Lindsay Prevette 212-366-2224

“If Mother Goose and Philip K. Dick had a love child, and Richard Brautigan raised him in Watermelon Sugar, he might write stories like Ben Loory.” —Jonathan Evison, author of West of Here