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Skippyjon Jones for iPad by Penguin Group USA

Here in app form is the first wildly wonderful book in the New York Times bestselling series about Skippyjon Jones, the rambunctious kitty boy with very large ears and a gigantico imagination to match. In his mind, he is not a Siamese cat, he becomes the Chihuahua El Skippito, the great sword fighter. Skippito gets to speak with a Spanish accent, he gets to wear a mask and cape. And he gets to help out his Chihuahua friends down in old Mexico.

Now children can join in all the fun, they can make Skippy bounce and twirl and zoom. They can sing and clap along as the story is read by the author, Judy Schachner. There are enhancements on every page that allow viewers to interact with El Skippito and his gang as he gets the job done, yes indeed-o.

For story time, playtime, or anytime, mucho fun!


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Skippyjon Jones © Judith Byron Schachner, 2003