Penguin Young Readers

Penguin Young Readers

unite the best authors, illustrators, and brands from the Penguin Young Readers Group under one umbrella. Including a comprehensive mix of esteemed authors, favorite characters, nonfiction, and licensed properties, Penguin Young Readers feature a traditional numbered leveling system, as well as the Guided Reading leveling system, to ensure quick recognition for educators, parents, and kids.

Level 1

Emergent Reader

Guided Reading Levels
  • Simple vocabulary
  • Word repetition
  • Picture clues
  • Predictable story and sentence structures
  • Familiar themes and ideas

Level 2

Progressing Reader

Guided Reading Levels
  • Longer sentences
  • Simple dialogue
  • Picture and context clues
  • More in-depth plot development
  • Nonfiction and fiction

Level 3

Transitional Reader

Guided Reading Levels
  • Multisyllable and compound words
  • More dialogue
  • Different points of view
  • More complex storylines and characters
  • Greater range of genres

Level 4

Fluent Reader

Guided Reading Levels
  • More advanced vocabulary
  • Detailed and descriptive text
  • Complex sentence structure
  • In-depth plot and character development
  • Full range of genres


Penguin Young Readers apply the standards of Irene Fountas and Gay Su Pinnel's Guided Reading program in text layout, vocabulary, sentence structure, design, plot complexity, font size, genres, and themes to determine the appropriate Guided Reading level.

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Penguin Young Readers feature award-winning books and authors, critically- acclaimed classics, and new titles from established authors.


Penguin Young Readers bring favorite characters to the newest readers, including Young Cam Jansen, Amanda Pig, Amber Brown, and Pearl and Wagner.

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