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Penguin Young Readers Group & Skype in the Classroom

Penguin Young Readers Group Proudly Presents our Partnership with Skype in the Classroom. Penguin Young Readers Group is happy to work with Skype in the Classroom, a fast-growing global network of over 80,000 innovative teachers! These teachers have access to authors, artists, experts, and other teachers all around the world on a wide range of topics via Skype. Please feel free to check out our author roster at our Skype in the Classroom Penguin profile.

What is Skype in the Classroom?

Skype in the Classroom is a social networking site for teachers and students around the world. It is a way for educators to forge new relationships, create new partnerships, and share learning experiences virtually with participating authors, artists, experts, and other teachers all around the world on a wide range of topics via Skype.

How Many Educators Are Involved?

Skype has over 80,000 participating teachers from around the globe. Skype in the Classroom has over 218,000 Facebook fans, and over 65,000 followers on Twitter!

How Is Penguin involved?

Penguin Young Readers offers authors on individual project pages for teachers to connect with. The project pages contain digital assets for teachers to use and distribute — including discussion guides, lesson plans, author videos, and more. Virtual author visits can be arranged this way — in which an author participates in a classroom discussion about his/her book, and the teachers and students get to interact with the author, without having to host him/her for a traditional in-person school visit.

Who are the Penguin authors?

Penguin's list of authors will appeal to teachers from Kindergarten through High School. Our comprehensive list of participating authors includes:

Ellen Booraem, Chris Bradford, AdamTroy Castro, Gayle Forman, Curtis Jobling, J.V. Kade, Ellen Klages, Jane Kohuth, Max Kornell, Nancy Krulik, Ingrid Law, Caroline Lawrence, C. Alexander London, D.J. MacHale, John Madormo, Jake Marcionette, M.D. Payne, Diana Renn, Geoff Rodkey, Polly Shulman, Padma Venkatraman, Danette Vigilante, Matt Ward, Robert Paul Weston, and Django Wexler.

What Are Teachers Saying?

A message from a teacher after Ingrid Law Skype visit:

"Hi Ingrid, Last Thursday's Skype session was fabulous! Students and teachers were inspired by your responses to our questions. It was wonderful to see that 5 students have Savvy on their desk today, and many more have added your books to their summer reading list. I look forward to possibly having the opportunity to Skype with you in the next school year again, so a new group of students can be inspired by you too…"

(visit Ingrid Law, author of Savvy and Scumble on the Skype)

A message from a teacher and students after an Adam Gidwitz Skype visit:

"Thanks so much for Skyping with us. It was a huge hit. Some of the kids handed in thank you notes and I thought you might enjoy some of their comments" —Carole (teacher)

"I totally enjoyed our Skype call. The thing I really enjoyed the most was how you told the story. It was so funny." —Max J.

"I really enjoyed the Skype call. I thought the story was interesting and the faces you used to explain how others looked when told the story before were hilarious. I don't like to read much but I loved your stories. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us." —Kai

(visit Adam Gidwitz, author of A Tale Dark and Grimm and In a Glass Grimmly on Skype)