Young Readers Students Across the Seven Seas Official Website When Irish Guys are Smiling - Read an Excerpt
Young Readers Students Across the Seven Seas

The Students Across The Seven Seas series brings you all over the world, traveling to places like France, Italy, Spain and more. Studying abroad has never been so much fun. Read all about the travel, adventure, and, of course, romance!

The Series Students Across the Seven Seas

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Tips for Choosing a Study Abroad Program

The challenge of studying abroad is choosing a program that is right for you. Factors you might consider when choosing your ideal study abroad program are timing, location/size, language, cost, living situation, culture, and courses.

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Culinary Delights

If you are studying in a foreign land, don't limit your sense of adventure. Every country has culinary delicacies that are native to its region. So while you are traveling through your country of choice, don't forget to explore some native cuisine as well!

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