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Starting a Book Club

Want to start a book club? Here are some tips to getting started:

Try for an interesting mix of people. Don’t just rely on your friends and don’t worry about clashing personalities — it just makes for a better discussion!

Know when you can meet and what kinds of books you want to read before you reach out to anyone.

Agree with other members about how books will be discussed. What if someone didn’t finish? Should they come to the meeting?

Decide how you will choose books. Will you alternate between members or select from a group a submitted titles.

Lastly, have fun, laugh a lot and keep reading!

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Hosting Book Club Night

Is it your turn to host book club? Here are some ways to make sure your gathering is a success!

Try to host your meeting in a quiet area. The easier it is to hear one another, the better your discussion will be!

Outline basic etiquette first. Remind everyone to be respectful of other’s opinions. No one should feel uncomfortable in a book discussion.

It’s okay to disagree! It’s always more interesting to share and hear different points of view.

Provide snacks. Everyone loves snacks. Everyone.

Play a game! We’ve suggested hosting tips for each title, but you can also play a board game or trivia to make for a fun ending to any book club discussion.