This football season seems to be more about the troubling behavior of the players than on the game itself. Mark Edmundson, author of Why Football Matters, takes on the controversy and more in... Read more >


World Order by Henry Kissinger "could not be more timely" praises Michiko Kakutani in the New York Times. On the cover of the New York Times Book Review, John Micklethwait writes, "If you worry... Read more >


Betty Halbreich, legendary personal shopper at Bergdorf Goodman, inks her mark with memoir I'll Drink to That: A Life in Style, with a Twist. “Charming… an inspirational feminist tale,”... Read more >


Emma Blooms At Last
Naomi King
We Gather Together
Wendy Pfeffer
Illustrator: Linda Bleck
Separated @ Birth
Anais Bordier
Samantha Futerman

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Designer Zoe Norvell explains her thought process behind the cover art she designed for The Dismantling. "When I began my... 4 hours ago

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It's always important to take time to be grateful. Do you have any particular Fall goals or plans for the season? 2 days ago

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Jennifer Lopez's memoir TRUE LOVE comes out in November! TRUE LOVE is an honest and revealing personal diary with hard-won... 4 days ago

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Ever wonder how our designers come up with cover art ideas? Zoe Norvell explains her process for The Dismantling.... 1 hour ago

RT @DuttonBooks: Books can change the way we see the world. And banned books almost always do. #IReadBannedBooks... 2 hours ago

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It's always important to take time to be grateful. Do you have any particular Fall goals or plans for the season?? 2 days ago

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Congratulations to our  +The National Book Foundation    #NationalBookAwards 2014 Longlist Nominees:

REDEPLOYMENT by Phil... 4 days ago

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Who is going to see Hector and the Search for Happiness (starring Simon Pegg, Toni Collette, Christopher Plummer) this... 1 week ago