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Viking Penguin is comprised of Viking Books, Penguin Books, Penguin Classics, Pamela Dorman Books, Penguin Life, and The Open Field.  

Viking Books, one of the most respected imprints in trade publishing, specializes in bringing extraordinary books to the broadest possible readership. We build on a hundred-year history to publish books for the 21st century, with a focus on innovation and creativity from acquisition through publication. Our expertise is making bestsellers and award winners out of literary and book club fiction, suspense fiction, and nonfiction from academics, journalists, thought leaders, and inspiring guides to the ideas that change our culture.

Penguin Books is the industry leader in paperback publishing across the board: in its curation of its backlist catalog of almost 2,500 active titles; as the home of Viking’s paperback reprints; and as the publisher of a select list of paperback originals. Some of the authors whose legacies Penguin maintains include Saul Bellow, J.M. Coetzee, Jack Kerouac, Ken Kesey, Iris Murdoch, and Amy Tan. 

Penguin is also a notable publisher of poetry, with a list headlined by Terrance Hayes, Paul Tran, and Phillip Williams.

Viking Penguin editors also acquire for Penguin Life. Penguin Classics and Penguin Life editors also acquire for Viking Penguin.

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