Mission Statement

Kokila (pronounced KO-ki-la) brings together an inclusive community of authors and illustrators, publishing professionals, and readers to examine and celebrate stories that reflect the richness of our world. 

By centering stories that have been historically marginalized and making space for storytellers to explore the full range of their experiences, we deliver books that inspire and entertain readers, and add nuance and depth to the way children and young adults see the world and their place in it.

Kokila will publish work for children and young adults across all formats and genres.

Submissions Window

We’re excited to hear from new voices and accept unagented submissions that fit our mission. This year’s window has been postponed to allow our team time to respond to all previous queries. We’ll update our website and social media when we plan to re-open in 2022. Priority will be with stories for and from marginalized communities.

Educator Guides

Meet the Team