Tenisha Anderson-Kenkpen, Publishing Assistant

Publishing Assistant Tenisha Anderson-Kenkpen joined Kokila in October 2023. Before Kokila, Tenisha lent her expertise as a legal industry consultant at Lighthouse Global and Epiq. She worked in advertising sales for Maxim and New York Magazine. She co-founded and co-hosted the podcast Speaking of Fashion during the early era of podcasting. She also founded Qlix magazine, an independent art and style publication that garnered global recognition for its unique voice and perspective. Tenisha is a 2023 Fellow of the Los Angeles Review of Books Publishing Workshop and holds degrees from the London College of Communication, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, and Loyola University Chicago. The ideals of empowerment and emotional education inherent to children’s and YA literature align with Tenisha’s core values, as does recognizing diverse voices through all storytelling mediums. She currently resides in California. Follow her on Twitter @TKenkpen.