Aranya Jain, Assistant Editor

Aranya Jain joined Putnam in 2021 and acquires high-concept fiction, especially contemporary fantasy geared toward a commercial audience. She’s easily lured by a beguiling voice or an uncanny premise, something that unnerves, inspires whimsy, or expands our curiosity about the scope of the universe. Grounded fantasy, upmarket horror, mainstream science fiction, and literary speculative fiction are her sweet spots. Aranya is keen to champion BIPOC, queer, and otherwise marginalized perspectives.

Aranya edits the #1 New York Times bestselling Clive Cussler series, Frederick Forsyth, Josh Winning, David Ellis, Joel H. Morris, Kia Abdullah, Jennifer Herrera, Rachel Eve Moulton, and Hiyoko Kurisu. Her upcoming titles include Heads Will Roll by Josh Winning, The Best Lies by David Ellis, and The Amberglow Candy Store by Hiyoko Kurisu.